Sometimes it’s about Creative Employee Engagement Too!

Sometimes it’s about Creative Employee Engagement Too!

Creative Employee Engagement

We’re playing some basic science here, and you’re going to imagine what’s going to happen next; Workplace environment = The Heart Employees = Major Organs (Yep gross. Definitely!) Lack of employee engagement = Clot (We’re dealing with lots here). Employee engagement is the moving caravan that is destined to end at one stop: Success. Freedom, Recognition and Innovative Habits are the fuels that power creative employee engagement. Every leader strives to create a stimulating workplace culture ingrained with top-of-the-class employee engagement. And every human resource professional fights for it before it gets hung on the Darwin Hall of Fame. Letting your employees hold the creativity balloon is not a bad thing. It ensures a more prolific and engaging workforce. Recognition of their innovation and creativity are the simple steps that stimulate it even more, boosting employee engagement.

Creative Freedom

Allowing employees approach to work issues with a more creative perspective also means a greater chance for them to take creative risks. Since when has creative risks resulted into something horrible? Even the worst that could happen can eventually result into something fruitful. Not convinced? Take cues from the creative leaps taken by Miley Cyrus’s PR team, even that got her a spot into mainstream music (since we’re talking about the most extreme of creative risks). For employees, autonomy in doing their work fires a certain creative energy, makes them happier and more productive – which by the way is the definition of creative engagement in layman’s term. Creative engagement is something that goes way beyond work involvement. It breeds employee engagement towards their jobs, team and ultimately the company.


Creativity breeds success. Creative success when publicly recognized and celebrated augments it even more ultimately leading to success. The victory cycle goes on and on until one day you realize you have hired a star! Giving a special recognition to creative elements in products, projects, endeavors will bloom employee engagement. The best thing about creativity is that it motivates creative employee engagement. It enables them to generate even better ideas, more inventive processes in the future and love their work even more.  Who would ever want to disengage themselves from a company that helped them develop their love for work? After all, everybody wants to do what they love!

Innovative Habits

Companies these days are even more worried about loss of employee productivity. Why? Its Social Networking. Then again, a few leaders have chained creative employee engagement to those very same social networking sites. They ultimately see these as tools for the good of the company. As a matter of fact, Dell even authorized its employees to “speak for Dell” on such sites. It offers full-day training on how they must use those sites, without grooming them into following any hollow corporate script.  These are the kind of companies that believe that social networking for employees will formulate even more creative thoughts, ideas and inventive approaches to various aspects of life. Thus, allowing creative engagement through such innovative habits.

Priyansha Mistry
Currently editor at The HR Digest Magazine. She helps HR professionals identify issues with their talent management and employment law. | Priyansha tweets at @PriyanshaMistry

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