Staying Productive When You Work From Home

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is forcing many employers to ask workers to work from home. Google, Apple, and even small- and mid-sized offices are closing in an effort to slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus.

This has led to the rise of telecommuters, many of whom have never worked from home in their career. If you live in one of the many countries placing themselves on lockdown, you might soon be asked to work from home.

The HR Digest recently published a telecommuter’s guide to remote collaboration tools and apps that can help you improve communication with your team, management of tasks and work, and overall project management.

If you’re working from home for the first time, we understand it can be a bit jarring. It’s not as bad as you think – once you figure out how to accomplish your tasks without letting your work bleed into your personal hours. It’s true – a majority of people find it extra difficult to work from home as it requires them to be super focused and determined to accomplish daily milestones. We have figured out a few sure shot ways that can affect your productivity when you work from home.

Productivity Hacks : For When You Work From Home

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Productivity Hacks

Establish a routine

A major risk with work from home is that it spills into your non-work life. Learn to establish your schedule and stick to it. Start work and stop at the same time. Take a lunch break at the same time every day.

You might need those precious after-work hours to tend to a medical emergency, or focus on more downtime with your family.

Designate a dedicated workspace

Find a space that is dedicated to working. For workers with limited space in their house, even something as simple as a table and a chair can help you shift your mind into work mode. Make sure it’s not an area that overlaps with your personal space. It shouldn’t be near your bed or living room where you sleep or watch Netflix.

Send your boss an end-of-the-day update

At the end of the day, send your boss an email letting them know what you accomplished and what you plan to achieve the next day. This check-in can help you go a long way.

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