Stress Less With Things Successful People Do During Lunch Break

Your lunch breaks at office are not for stuffing food down your tummy and going on with the usual work. Breaks are provided to unwind your mind. When you keep doing one thing again and again, you tend to lose interest. Breaks of one hour or forty-five minutes are given so that you don’t get bored or feel drowsy. Never make the mistake of working during your break time. You don’t need to be so nice because it doesn’t help anybody. People on top of the ladder don’t reach there by working hard. They also work smart. They take what is given and make use of it in the best possible manner. When provided a break, they will make use of it and not work. To help you work productively, we bring to you a list of things successful people do during lunch break.

Taking proper breaks is a great way of increasing productivity. When there is change of scene, you feel rejuvenated. Never try to complete your work during that time because it might mess with your output.  Forty-five minutes, or even an hour is good enough to catch up on things you have been meaning to do.

Things Successful People Do During Lunch Break:

Eat healthy

Outliers will never compromise on food and health. Nutritious food goes a long way in helping you get your mind working fast and sharp. Healthy eating is necessary is because junk food often makes a person lethargic. A healthy diet gives you the energy to work for longer hours and not get tired. A heavy lunch affects the ability to focus on your work in the afternoon. Meals with high sugar and fat content results in low energy and more sleep. Therefore, great leaders will never indulge in eating such food on a regular basis. They will always stick to a more healthy and helpful diet.


Successful people will always take out time to socialise in the office and, occasionally, also have lunch with their friends and colleagues. Getting to know the people in your workplace is an assured way to climb the ladder to success.  A lot of great leaders also see to it that they have lunch along with their colleagues from the other department. When you take your lunch with other colleagues, you meet new people and stumble upon fresh ideas.  During lunch breaks, people like to talk about other things that are not related to work. This is the best time to make new contacts and also work on building relationships with other clients.


Reading anything that is not related to work is a great way of beating the stress. Great leaders will often read novels, autobiographies, magazines, newspapers, etc, to learn new things as well as get their minds off work. Reading helps in generating creative ideas. Books and magazines also help gain more knowledge. Apart from that, books are often a source of great entertainment. Fiction helps you escape the mundane world and takes you to new places every time you read them.

things successful people do during lunch break read

Reading helps in generating creative ideas.

Accomplish Personal Tasks:

Outliers will never sit in one place every time. It does not mean they don’t take their lunch time seriously. Great leaders see to it that other personal tasks are taken care of, while they are on their break. These tasks could range from buying stuff for home, paying the bills, catching up with a friend nearby, or going for shopping with family. Utilising lunch breaks for such things helps save a lot of personal time. A lot of people think of such tasks while going home. But successful people will use their breaks differently. They might either call and check upon an old friend or catch up with a loved one. A balance in life is necessary and it comes by managing your time well. Hence, make it a habit to do this once or twice a week where you complete other assignments and you will realise how much time you save later on.

Music and Podcasts

‘Music is to the soul as food is to the body.’ Working for long hours can be stressful. The best way to beat that stress is to put your headphones and listen to your favourite kind of music. Music helps channelize your thoughts and mentally dumbs you down so that you can relax without stressing much. Some songs also help in encouraging you to work harder. Music is considered to be one of the best ways to calm your mind off the clutter and throw them in the gutter. Podcasts too help to not only gain motivation but it can also be used for entertainment. Sometimes, you just want to laugh and listen to silly things, so funny podcasts also help you relax. Successful people will always suggest some good music or inspirational podcasts to help you get through rough and stressful times.

people do during lunch break music

Music is considered to be one of the best ways to calm your mind off the clutter and throw them in the gutter.

We understand the pressure you must going through at work but, that does not mean you don’t take proper breaks. Every outlier will always tell you that working all the time has never helped anyone. A fresh mind helps gain better productivity than a mind that has been working for 4-5 hours. You need not follow every rule every day. You can sort your weekly lunch breaks by spending a few minutes on food and the remaining on any one activity that you would like. This way, not only will you be able to work better but you will also love going to work. We hope our list of ‘things successful people do during lunch break’ helps you become more productive at work and make you love what you do.

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