Subtle Signs Your Employee Will Bid A Farewell Soon

Believe it or not employee turnover is the biggest concern for an employer. Well, when you invest your time, efforts, and money on your employees, it is a little disheartening to see someone quitting the workplace. And when it is one of your star employees, the impact is even more. However, there are many signs of employee quitting that you should notice. If you consider these subtle signs there is a possibility that you can retain employees and have a low employee turnover rate. At the end of the day, an employer needs his workforce as much as the worker needs his job; making this an inter-dependent factor.

Subtle Signs of Employee Quitting

Work Productivity

Their work productivity is on a decline and they are not leading the team as a leader anymore. Also, they do not give in as much as before. Meaning their output is on a decline as well.

Additionally, such employees also start ignoring e-mails and messages that are crucial for work but not for them (obviously as they are going to leave!)

Less Motivated

As one of the most important signs of employee quitting, your employee has become less motivated to work. He is no more interested to complete the projects by deadlines or please his seniors. He is also less focused on his work than usual. Such employees don’t even commit to any kind of long-term projects (due to obvious reasons!) They also aspire to hop to another job where they feel more motivated.


Such employee who is going to resign in the near future shows negative signs of punctuality. He starts coming late, leaves early, and also does not adhere to the rules and regulations of the workplace. He neither shows any interest to work with the clients nor with the senior staff.

Active on LinkedIn

If you find your employee is suddenly more active on LinkedIn groups, growing connections or anything like that; it is a warning sign that he may be on a radar to jump on to another ship. There are two possibilities here-

He may either be thinking of changing the job

Or he may just be increasing his social circle

Whatever the reason, it is good to have an eye before you are treated with the resignation letter directly.

Efficiency of the Employee

This is exactly opposite to the signs of employee quitting mentioned above. But this extreme is also a major possibility. There are many people who do not want to leave a job on bad terms with the seniors and co-workers. At such times, they will try to become extra efficient and liked. Projects on time, cordial behavior with everyone, zero complains, boosted performance; they may do everything to make a great impression (or last impression) on the people around.

As they say, some things are too good to be true. Be alert when you find such signs in an employee. Also, do not consider it as a quitting sign only. It is not always an employee leaving the employer who behaves in this way. So, you should also appreciate an employee putting in such efforts.

Feels Stagnant or Discouraged

If your employee has directly or indirectly let you know that he feels stagnant in his work position or discouraged, be alert. There is a sure shot chance that he may already be searching for a place that enhances his career growth or motivates him to work better.

Personal Reasons

Major changes in life like marriage, location change or a sickness can be a genuine reason for your employee to quit the job. Moreover, any personal issue with a co-worker can also be a reason good enough to leave the organization.

Not only this, odds are that if a group of work friends are jumping boats, your star employee will join his peers as well.

Okay so we do not mean to say that you should be suspicious about the motives of your clan all the time. But if you notice these subtle signs of employee quitting, there are definitely chances of the same happening. Keep a vigil eye on such small signs so that you can take proper steps before anything major happens.

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