This is How Successful People Become More Likeable at the Workplace

Have you ever noticed that there are some people at the workplace towards whom others are involuntarily drawn to? They don’t do any extraordinary things, neither are they celebrities. They do the ordinary things so innovatively that it becomes a part of their nature. Such approachable people are the ones some of you look up to, while some of you are envied of. Whatever the reason, you always want to become one such approachable person, don’t you? If you really do, then follow these things that all the successful people do to attract good vibes at the workplace.

Approachable Qualities of Successful People

Strong Body Language

By a strong body language, we do not mean a tough and rude exterior. By a strong body language, we mean having a great way in which you carry yourself. There are many body language signs that help others decode if you are approachable.

If you present yourself in a way that pushes people away, the same is bound to happen. Not maintaining eye contact, crossing arms showing authoritative nature, short sentences showing no interest in conversations, etc. won’t make you a liked person among your peers.

Instead, if you have a body language that maintains eye contact, exudes that you are a welcoming person, initiates conversations, etc. it will instantly higher your likeable quotient among teammates.

So, use your body language in a positive manner, not otherwise.

A Great Listener

approachable successful people

We were always told not to pass judgments or give advices while someone is sharing an intimate problem. Often, people are not in dire need of advices and solutions. They just need someone who can listen to them. And successful people who are most likeable know this fact very well.

They know that when people share things, they don’t always need help or judgment. Such people only need someone, and approachable people become that someone; like a knight in shining armor.

Become a good listener, not an advisor.

Spreading Smiles


Can it get any simpler? No! Such successful people liked by everyone are exactly those that spread smiles and positivity at workplace. When they carry a happy-go-lucky attitude, it automatically spreads among others like a virus. And no, we don’t mean to say that you put up a 32-teeth smile for the whole 9-5 scenario. But at least whenever needed, do not come off as a grumpy person who people tend to avoid.

Well, we can go on and on about the smile factor. But at the end of it, the simple conclusion will be the same; that a smile works wonders.

All said and done, when are you adopting these small ways to become as approachable as the successful people out there?

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