Employee Motivation

5 ways to foster motivation in employees

Employee Benefits - April 17, 2021

When you have a workforce that eagerly anticipates the end of Friday and rushing out the office door and sighs morosely on Mondays before entering the office, then you ha...

7 Words You Should Learn From Elon Musk For Employee Motivation

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Millennial Employees Need More Than A Pay Raise

Workplace Culture - March 29, 2018

By 2025, millennial will represent three-quarters of the working population globally. Millennial employees embody openness to take new opportunities, the courage to accep...

The Secret Ingredient For Employee Motivation Is Obviously Higher Pay

Compensation - May 03, 2016

When you hire the right people and provide them with right salary, it increases employee motivation and the machine runs smoothly. We have been discussing various factors...

How to increase Employee motivation

Workplace Culture - January 28, 2016

Employee motivation in the workplace plays a major role in productivity. If you observe keenly, you’ll find many unmotivated employees out there. A recent study shows t...

The Secret is Out: The Best Way to Reward Employees!

Compensation - December 25, 2014

Every company wants to reward employees by addressing these four areas: compensation, employee benefits, recognition and appreciation. However, it’s not always that exo...