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Workplace guarantees employees should have Post-COVID

Employee Benefits - December 29, 2020

2020 has been a drastic year for everyone and in every sphere- be it personally or professionally. The world came to an abrupt halt with COVID-19 darkening the world and ...

A Checklist of HR Policies and Procedures to Have in Place

Tools & Technology - March 06, 2020

Before starting any new business, it is imperative to have human resource policies in place. This preempts any misunderstanding about the duties and obligations of both t...

Women-Centric HR Policies Pay Dividends for Companies

Employee Benefits - February 16, 2020

Women have been a part of the workforce in a big way since the industrial revolution. From traditionally holding down the fort at home, females now had the additional bur...

Inclusive And Innovative HR Policies For Disabled Workforce

Employee Benefits - February 14, 2020

Employees with disabilities bring a diverse, new, and unique talent and perspective to the workplace. The disabled workforce is sadly underemployed in today’s poli...

The Importance of Human Resource Policies and Procedures

Leadership - December 16, 2019

Human Resource Policies and Procedures are an integral part of present-day organizations. Their importance is realized while dealing with the human resource in the organi...

This is why HR Audit is Important for your Organization

Featured - April 19, 2017

We all have heard about the financial audit, but what is an HR audit? An HR audit is a Human Resource audit wherein the review of various HR policies, systems, documentat...