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What Is a Part-Time Job?

Recruitment - February 08, 2022

What do part-time hours entail? Do part-time employees receive the same perks as full-time employees? The HR Digest has all of your answers, plus a lot more! ...

Part-time Jobs that Pay You Well

Recruitment - January 07, 2022

Now, you get to choose your working hours. A part-time job will fetch you more time for yourself and open doors for extra skills. ...

What are some good evening job options?

Recruitment - September 29, 2021

Evening jobs options for people looking for extra income or those who are studying or busy in some other activity in the mornings and can work only in the latter half of ...

Coolest Jobs That Can Become Your Next Gig

Recruitment - June 02, 2016

You’ve been working at your company for a few years now, but you find your job dull and boring. It has become so monotonous, doing the same thing every day. But that’...