Performance Appraisal

How to overcome a bad performance review

Interviews - April 03, 2022

If you end up getting a bad performance review, consider and revise your actions again at work to follow the potential of a true workaholic employee. ...

Performance evaluation of employees: Important pointers and processes

Compensation - June 22, 2021

Performance reviews or employee evaluations are essential in giving feedback and determining areas of improvement and excellence for both the employer and employee. These...

Performance Appraisal & Rewards in Response to COVID-19

Compensation - October 17, 2020

The post-pandemic pay landscape looks much different as the definition of rewards takes on a new life. ...

Why Most Employee Performance Appraisals Are Wrong

Employee Benefits - August 08, 2018

Appraising employee performance is essential towards building productivity level but it’s always coming with shortfalls difficult to lay hands on. Most of these shortfa...