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Essential skills for a good hiring manager

Recruitment - October 04, 2021

The HR Digest brings a list of essential skills for a good hiring manager to check during the recruitment process. ...

Employee Experience: How to influence and win over workers

Uncategorized - August 20, 2021

Employee experience can break flawlessly for organization’s success. There can be a multiple ways to tackle employee experience. ...

How to use LinkedIn to Improve Your Recruitment Process

Recruitment - April 03, 2020

Learn how to use LinkedIn’s features such as InMail, Referrals, LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Job Postings to improve your recruitment strategy and hire top talent. ...

Do You Have A Major Hiring Problem? Here Are Top Hiring Tips From The Pros!

Recruitment - August 17, 2017

Over the past month, I’ve traveled from my base in the United States to Canada, Kobe and now the United Kingdom to guide companies on how to remedy any gaps in their hi...

This Recruiting Software has a solution for your biggest hiring challenge

Recruitment - July 20, 2017

Technology has become omnipresent in all spheres of our life. It is now gradually crawling into the HR department as well. As the term ‘Human Resources’ itself sugges...