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The 9-To-5 Workday Might Need to Change Due to “Night Owls,” Study Finds

Workplace Culture - February 18, 2019

The 9-to-5 workday is generally accepted despite being originated in the 1800s by American labor unions. However, the eight-hour workday which seems to be a normal schedu...

Believe It Or Not, Your Mood Affects Your Work Performance!

Workplace Culture - April 04, 2017

 We all go through bursts of productive phases where we want to accomplish everything that we can in a single day. And, we also go through phases where we simply don’t...

Don’t let Lack of Sleep Hinder your Chances of Professional Growth

Workplace Culture - March 01, 2017

Recent studies suggest that a majority of working individuals across the globe do not get adequate sleep which their body needs. In order to climb the ladder of success o...