Workplace Diversity

What Made Mark Zuckerberg Lose His Cool?

Workplace Culture - February 26, 2016

Also regarded as the ‘Coolest Boss’ in the Silicon Valley, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has always been an employer who consistently keeps encouraging and pushing Fa...

Pinterest sets Solid Workplace Diversity Goals for 2016

Recruitment - August 03, 2015

Pinterest is taking a concrete new initiative for the benefits for women and other outnumbered group.  Since a very long time, the gender equality issue in the corporate...

Workforce Diversity in America

Workplace Culture - December 25, 2014

The United States of America is a magnificent synthesis of different races, religions, and cultures of the colonists that settled here centuries ago. Certainly, the natio...

A Starbucks Turnaround Success Story

Success stories - December 25, 2014

Starbucks Corporation, one of the most renowned cafes in the world, primarily benefits from selling various kinds of coffee or tea drinks in addition to roasting and sell...