wrongful termination

Wrongful Termination: What the Employees Think About It?

Workplace Culture - March 09, 2022

Do you feel you have been fired ‘illegally’ and want to know if there’s anything you can do about it? Filing a wrongful termination complaint might help you get jus...

Ex COO of Pinterest Sues Company for Wrongful Termination

Featured - August 12, 2020

Ex COO of Pinterest claims workplace harassment and a toxic culture of all-males club. ...

5 Scenarios That Prove Wrongful Termination

Employee Benefits - October 31, 2018

It’s a very bitter experience to have that dream job terminated by your employer. Not just for all the efforts in securing it. A wrongful dismissal makes it hurt the mo...

Wrongful Termination: Should you consider suing for Wrongful Termination?

Compensation - September 26, 2018

“At will” employment policy in some states make it difficult to prove wrongful termination in more cases. And this makes it changing for fired employees to establish ...

Can You Get Fired For No Reason At All?

Compensation - August 01, 2017

Yes. You can get fired for no reason at all. Your employer does not need a reason to fire you. In most of the United States, employees are generally under ‘at-will’ e...

Ex-employee Sues UploadVR for Rampant Sexual Practices

Featured - May 17, 2017

A San Francisco based virtual reality start-up UploadVR is being sued by a former director of Digital and Social Media who alleges that the start-up is practicing sexual ...