The 15 Golden Rules of Effective Delegation

Effective delegation ensures that more tasks are appropriately completed in less time. It also allows managers to effortlessly build teams that can function credibly without supervision. Delegating rightly is a key factor in becoming a successful manager. In fact, the first phase of any managerial career is learning how to delegate tasks. However, in more cases, it’s not easy for managers, considering that every workforce constitutes employees with different levels of performance.

For effective delegation, managers are tasked to observe proven tricks on how to delegate successfully. Managers should not resort to retrieving delegated tasks immediately they notice that the employee(s) have failed to do well. Sticking with your rules on task delegation, if you have one, will aid your delegation procedure and help you circumvent delegation pitfalls.

Here are 15 tips for effective delegation to aid your decisions and processes in your team building and task delegation.

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