The Great Resignation of 2021 Explained

The Great Resignation of 2021 is the biggest problem for the US economy right now. More and more workers are quitting their job in favor of jobs that come with better compensation and benefits. It is obvious that the Pandemic brought many changes to the labor market, and so the US economy is in the midst of a major labor crisis. More than 4.3 million workers quit their job in August 2021 – a historical number – according to the Labor Department.

What is the reason behind the Great Resignation? How do we fight it? The answers are more than simple.

What Are the Reasons behind the Great Resignation 2021

Workers are not satisfied with their current jobs. Many are searching for better opportunities that promise a slew of benefits to upgrade their lifestyle.  

The Covid-19 crisis showed that workers who do not want to comply with long hours at work feel the signs of job burnout. The pandemic brought conditions that were not favorable for workers, which is why workers, especially working parents, want to change their terms of employment.

 Great resignation of 2021 Covid-19 pandemic

More than 4.3 million workers quit their job in August 2021.

The pandemic hit most of the in-person jobs that are not possible to do remotely, and some of the workers sought a career change to pay their bills. Most of these workers were women who had to look after their children and put in longer hours at work.

The current unemployment rate is 5.2% and this rate varies by state. In Arkansas, we have 4.5%, while the unemployment rate in California Is 8.6%. This difference is dictated by the market change and job deficiency in some areas. 

How to Stop an Employee from Resigning

If you want to stop an employee from resigning, you must offer better working conditions and proper salaries. These two terms are crucial for the overall job quality that you want to offer on the market. 

At the moment, many workers are not seeking full-time employment and they want to find a job that does not take too much of their time. The labor market is full of these vacancies, and companies need to do better to fill these jobs. 

Signs of job burnout are evident all around us. It’s one of the biggest factors behind the Great Resignation of 2021. Companies must comply with the rules and organize the shifts in a way that can be manageable for each worker. 

Accomplishing a company’s goals and producing a good working atmosphere is something that must be achieved in each working environment. 

How to Cope With the Rising Unemployment 

As soon as we start thinking about quitting a job, we need to consider the overall rising unemployment rate. In the US, the positions that are left open need to be filled with new workers. This might be an opportunity for the currently unemployed workers to get a job and have additional working experience. 

At the same time, more and more workers strike or leave their current job, which leads to an increased unemployment rate

If we want to stop this situation from happening, all of us need to work on better circumstances at the jobs we do. 

We need to fight for our rights and we need to be organized in groups. However, we need to comply with the regulations of the companies we work for. The right balance will stop the great resignation and we will have the proper working conditions at work. 

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