The HR Digest: Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends of 2016

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Recently Deloitte has released its 2016 Global Human Capital Trends report, as global forces are restructuring the workplace, the workforce along with the work itself. This survey is based on over 7,000 responses in more than 130 countries around the world.

The theme of this year’s Human Capital Trends report is “The New organization: Different by Design”, which states that employees feel a need to restructure the organization with higher employee engagement and retention, improved leadership, and better organizational culture.

The top 10 Human Capital Trends which were known after the Deloitte survey includes: Organizational Design, Leadership, Culture, Engagement, Learning, Design thinking, Changing skills of the HR organization, People analytics, Digital HR, and Workplace management.

Each of these trends are better explained below, starting from the most important one and then moving to those which are somewhat important.

Organizational Design

More than 92 percent people who were surveyed consider organizational design as the highest priority. Companies are gradually moving from traditional and functional models to flexible and interconnected teams, as customers become the centre of any company. The new organization is made up of “network of teams” which are encouraged to handle particular business challenges and projects.


Leadership was given a high priority by 89% of respondents. As organizations are becoming fast-paced, the conventional pyramid-shaped leadership development model is not enough to produce strong leaders at equally fast pace. Senior leaders should guide and encourage younger leaders among the organization.


Culture is the way things work around in any organization. Last year, ‘culture and engagement’ was the most critical issue, however, this year, both culture and engagement were discussed as separate issues. Engagement is linked to culture as it describes how people react to the way things work around in a specific organization.


Employee engagement is the most discussed issue among HR departments and businesses. It is really necessary to build a meaningful and compelling work environment to increase employee engagement. Regular feedbacks from employees can also help the organization to improve in required areas.


Learning and development programs should be organized within any company such that employees should look forward to continuous learning opportunities by the means of innovative platforms, which are customized to their individual needs.

Design thinking

This is one of the latest trends in HR and organizations are taking steps towards incorporating design thinking into supporting, training and managing people. In this survey, about 79% respondents consider design thinking as a top priority in case of meeting talent challenges.

Changing skills of the HR organization

Four out of every 10 employees said that their company is ready to mention the skills gap in HR department of the organization. There are several signs of change as HR departments are innovating with unique ideas and are taking steps to improve skills of employees and the HR itself.

People Analytics

People analytics has become a major concern in this year’s survey; even companies are creating teams for people analytics and replacing legacy systems. The latest trend in people analytics is to leverage external data including data from social media platforms, hiring patterns, demographic data, external turnaround, and employment brand data.

Digital HR

This issue focuses on how HR will help companies and employees to adopt a digital mindset and how they will change the HR systems, processes and methods with advanced and technological ways including apps and digital platforms.

Gig Economy

This issue discusses whether the gig economy is a distraction or a disruption. It also addresses various ways through which HR can utilize the external staff and why it is important to hire contingent workers to avail from some of the best talents in the market.

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