The importance of HR strategy for Holistic Hiring

Gone are the days when all that businesses had in the name of the human resource department was a rudimentary hiring and onboarding process. As times have changed, the company faced challenges in managing their most important assets-the employees. 

Businesses that want to grow and thrive in the modern world need to incorporate a sound and robust HR strategy in their workflow. 

In the following sections, we will discuss the importance of HR strategy in your business.

What is an HR strategy? 

To fully understand the meaning of HR strategy, we have to have a macroscopic view of the organization. At its core, the HR strategy is a holistic approach taken to assemble the best possible team of individuals for the growth and success of any business. 

While most businesses have a human resource management system that deals with recruiting, hiring, and onboarding the best talent possible, an HR strategy takes these activities to the next level. 

The importance of HR strategy comes from its ability to align the employees with the business’s goals to increase profitability and productivity. 

human resources strategy

HR strategy is the building block of productivity and success of any organization.

An HR department working with an HR strategy tends to work with other departments of the business in order to:

  • Understand their unique needs
  • Understand the goals of the various departments and how they fit within the business goal at large
  • Create recruiting strategies that align and fulfill these goals
  • Provide the right human resource to the right department, ensuring their success

What is the importance of HR strategy? 

When properly implemented, strategic HR management or HR strategy can ensure that the business is working toward achieving the broader goals. Such a strategy gives the company a better chance to succeed in the competitive environment. 

Another importance of HR strategy is that it identifies how departments can modify to hire employees who have the right mix of ability and experience. Human resource strategies offer several advantages that go beyond personnel management. Some of how strategic HR management can help your business include:

  • Avoid the shortage of talent pool.
  • Anticipate the workforce needs of various departments
  • Facilitate changes in staff and personnel
  • Improve and streamline operations
  • Help the management to plan for both short and long-term growth.

What are the objectives of strategic HR management? 

The objectives of strategic HR management are quite simple match the right employee with the right jobs. Most businesses do this when recruiting new talent or while giving out performance reviews. 

That said, the objectives of a good HR strategy don’t stop there. Here are some additional goals of a strategic HR management system-

  • Implementing a successful onboarding process
  • Adapting to the changes in processor technology and ensuring the workforce needed
  • Managing and accessing the risk
  • Enabling the organization to prepare for cultural and generational shifts

The importance of an HR strategy can be visualized in terms of what it brings to the table for the continued growth of an organization. A properly thought out HR strategy can help your business to meet both short and long-term needs. 

Although the prospect of implementing a new human resource management strategy can be overwhelming for many businesses, it does pay dividends in the long run. 

Many big companies have adopted and implemented HR strategies and have seen phenomenal results.  One of the most successful examples is Samsung. The company has invested heavily in establishing three main HR strategies that they have named SVP (Share Samsung Value), SLP (Samsung Leader Program), and SGP (Samsung Global Talent Program). 


The importance of HR strategy can’t be underestimated. A properly executed HR strategy ensures that your business achieves its short and long-term goals.  An unexpected benefit of HR strategy is also on the employees’ morale. 

Anna Verasai
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