The Importance of Human Resource Policies and Procedures

Human Resource Policies and Procedures are an integral part of present-day organizations. Their importance is realized while dealing with the human resource in the organization so that the most ideal, appropriate and preset decision making can be applied such that the chances of arising of an issue thereafter can be curbed.

HR policies and procedures manual and employee handbook are the basic foundation of an organization. These documents clearly define the employee benefits provided by the organization, various procedures followed in the organization, and the standard work decorum maintained in the workplace.


A clearly defined Human Resources (HR) Policies and Procedures manual is first compiled and thereafter the employee handbook is developed in conjunction with the existing policies and procedures laid out in the document. Human Resources HR Policies and ProceduresIn case there is an issue in the organization, the HR Policies and Procedures manual and handbook can be referred to in order to resolve the workplace conflict. The importance of Human Resource Policies and Procedures includes the following.


With predefined and agreed human resource policies and procedures between the employer and employee during job agreement, it becomes easier for the employer to terminate the employee. This way basis of termination as defined in the job agreement helps in the termination of an employee who does not follow the agreed guidelines and restrictions. For instance, employees who do not follow the code of conduct, ethical standards and indulge in activities that harm the reputation and interest of the organization can be terminated by as per the human resource policies and procedures. The termination letter can be forwarded to the particular employee without any issue that may get raised on any grounds by the employee. This is because he has already agreed on the terms of employment on human resource policies and procedures and thus the termination is just the part of the administrative and statutory action taken against the employee for not following them.


The human resource policies and procedures set a platform for dealing with the employees who participate or are the convict of harassment and discrimination. The person who has face embarrassment due to harassment and discrimination can be given protection as per the human resource policies and procedures, while the employee who has been charged with taking such action can be dealt with the agreed statutory and administrative action. While the convict of harassment and discrimination can be offered with higher job position, recognition or support by the higher authority before the other staff members to restore his/her respect, on the other hand, the employee indulging in such activity can either be restricted or even removed from the job position.


The human resource policies and procedures help in comparison to employee conduct, attendance, and punctuality. This way the basis of comparison is set by the human resource policies and procedures which set the basic performance outcomes that every employee should achieve at his job position during a course of time. The employees who perform better than these pre-stated levels are considered outperformers and are showered with benefits, perks and even higher job positions. On the other hand, the employees who could not perform up to the mark set by the human resource policies and procedures can be offered a chance to upgrade their skills through training programs. Employees who still do not show any improvement in their performance outcomes can be terminated as per the human resource policies and procedures.


The human resource policies and procedures set the guidelines under which the safety and health of the employees at work can be safeguarded. This includes the directives under the HR policies and procedures which are meant to be spent on deploying appropriate lighting, clean water, safe moving and other essentials that ensure the safety of employees from any kind of accident and safeguard their health from any kind of issues that may arise due to work process.

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