The PART Strategy: How To Answer Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral interview questions are very popular in job interviews because they reveal the candidate’s ability to handle difficult situations. If you wonder how to answer behavioral interview questions, you should be prepared to tell a story that was behind the problem and how you resolved the problem successfully. 

In this situation, it is best to use the PART strategy, which stands for Problem, Action, Result, and Takeaway. With these four steps, you reveal your qualities and skills that made the resolution to the specific problem. In this manner, you show the interviewer that you are able to face the challenges and resolve the issues effectively. 

Let’s reveal more about the PART strategy and how this strategy can help you get a job that you applied for. 

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PART Strategy might be your key to find answers to your behavioral interview questions.


In this part, you should explain a particular problem that you faced in a certain situation. You should explain what kind of problem you had and why the customer or a coworker showed resignation or dissatisfaction. 

The problems within the company might be very challenging, and you should describe the source of the problem in a few sentences. Try to be honest and do not explain the situation in an endless story. Be concise and focus on the most relevant aspects of a problem. 


Now, after a problem explanation, you should describe the action that you took to solve the problem. That could be some action that calmed the angry customer or changed the perspective of a difficult coworker. Again, you should be honest and you should tell the steps that you took to make things easier for everyone. 

You can mention your skillset and the ability to solve the problems. The interviewer will be eager to hear how you tackled the specific challenges. 


As a result of the positive action, you should be able to solve the issue. Tell a story about the results of an action that you took and explain how this action brought benefits to the entire team.

The result could be a satisfied customer, better behavior of a coworker, or a better relationship with a boss. No matter what the result was, you should mention how the specific action resulted in a positive outcome. 


The last ingredient of the PART strategy is a takeaway. The most realistic takeaway is the one that improves your actual skills and abilities to solve problems. Explain to the recruiter that you learned a new skill at the end of the process, and make sure that you mention what you have learned from solving a specific issue. 

Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

Most of us ask a question: “What are behavioral interview questions?” and now, we present some of the behavioral interview questions examples that are the most common on job interviews. 

Let’s also see the behavioral interview example answers that will be the most suitable answers for the exact questions. 

How do you set your goals?

I set goals by doing small steps that will make a bigger picture in the future. When I was working in a kitchen as an assistant, I wanted to become a chef, but I didn’t have the relevant knowledge. Then I started saving for the culinary academy where I learned the job. After a few years, I became a chef and I continue to set new goals in my career. 

How do you work under pressure?

My team and I faced the situation where we needed to finish the project in 45 days instead of the previously agreed 60 days. I had a meeting with my team and we decided to put all of the less relevant tasks on the side in order to finish the mentioned project on time. We worked hard and managed to complete the project on time. 


Now you have a better understanding of how to answer behavioral interview questions. You can always prepare for the interview questions so that nothing can surprise you. Keep learning about the PART method and get ready for your next dream job interview. 

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