The Periapt for a Remarkable Leadership, Authenticity at Workplace


We are all very familiar with this term. It shows integrity and transparency. Authenticity stands for originality. It is all about the way of choices that we make in our daily lifestyle about being genuine, transparent, showing our true inner self rather than hiding it, to be real, original, and honest. As much as authenticity is valued in our day-to-day life, it is regarded as a highly praised matter of subject when it comes to leadership. It is one of the core values of what makes a great and remarkable leader. Take any leader for an example Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, etc, you will find this one same quality in all of them.

Authenticity, a Critical Core Value for a Great Leader

George Washington, One of the most remarkable leaders of all the time

George Washington, one of the most remarkable leaders of all the time

Authenticity in leadership is all about being an individual that you are in your real life behind the walls, call it transparency. This does not come from the position you inhibit in your organization or the whooping amount of fortune, which you might be making. It comes from being original to self and to people. The companies’ always look for authentic employees. These kinds of employees often get rewarded and encouraged for their genuineness and originality among their leaders, and this gesture establishes a real core value for the organization. As it’s said, leaders who are authentic have the most numbers of loyal following them. Everyone wants their leader to be authentic, in fact, if the leader is authentic than the followers will follow the same path and embrace authenticity in their lives making this place a better one to live surrounded by authentic people.

Authenticity at Business, Workplace?

Are you hiding your real self at work? Do you ever feel guilty about not projecting your true self in front of people whom you work with for almost 8-9 hours every day? Most of us consider masking ourselves with a professional persona when it comes to the workplace, which is acting and behaving differently than how we would if we were at home. Earlier it used to work, but now the time has changed. Increasingly, organizations need more and more authentic and transparent leaders for their staff. They do not want their higher officials to display empty charisma or be aloof. Instead, they prefer their staff to be led by such leaders who are honest, transparent, and original. They want their staff to be guided by the leaders who are genuine and do not shy away from revealing their true side.

Tim Cook, One of the most Iconic leader of 21st Century Courtesy: APPLE INC.

Tim Cook, one of the most Iconic leader of 21st Century
Image Courtesy: APPLE INC.

Some of us might think that what does this have to do with business? Authentic or not we are still striving, some of the leaders might say. Well, that is true, you strive alone but for an organization to strive successfully further, the trust and bond between the higher level and the lower as well as middle-level employee is very important and this can only come when your employees and staff bond well with you because of your authenticity in leadership traits. When people start feeling free to be their original self, both in public as well as private life, they have more time and energy to think, create, and originate, because let us just say, always trying to be what you aren’t will require a continuous mind work and a whole set of long processed lies that might consume the amount of time and brains, which would be helpful in work rather than hatching false lies. Authentic employees bring themselves to their job with original self, integrate themselves with organization’s aim and fully take part in fulfilling the aim of their company. These are the same set of staff that figure out the authentic leaders and are attracted to follow their path of transparency, and originality with much higher dedication that leads to a powerful team and enhanced performance in business.

Settling Towards the End

customer-563967This is the world of smart age. You need to be alert and balanced to maintain your positive self always. It is indeed true to be authentic always but, in a measure, as times have changed, there are lots of wolves sitting right outside to chew you up at any instance they might get. So, the amount of authenticity you need to show depends on the conditions of the organization and staff you work with. The extent to which an individual must reveal themselves must be carefully measured and taken into consideration as it can sometimes potentially damage reputation and credibility of an individual if the opposite is not fair towards him/her. Companies where strong and powerful leadership is highly expected and valued, an individual revealing their weakness can be deemed as a suicide to their career.

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