The Trend of Reverse Mentoring, Fresh Graduates for Career Mentors

Millennial Generation & the Stereotypes

It’s the high time when we break the age-old stereotype, “the older, and the better”. Millennial are ruling the current workforce, it might not be wrong if we say that the employers are much more focusing over the hiring process for these younger generations because of the vast technology and social fields they are associated with. Nowadays, the companies need the all-rounder talents and it seems that the fresh generation of graduates fit the criterion perfectly without any hassles. The older is the one who is wiser; this perception is being challenged by the reverse monitoring trend, which is blooming in the human resource market in the present. It is stimulating towards a process for aiding the business fields for understanding the needs and demands of a younger slot from the generation.

Millennial in Workforce: The Future Trend

It is estimated that by the year 2020, the generation of millennial will make up at least 50% of the international workforce. Opinions by the older slots have always painted this slot of generation in the less appealing shadow of light, but stereotyping the young generation is accurate? For all the businesses and workforce around the globe, understanding the needs of current generation is very important; in terms of both, which is shielding future leadership and helping senior leaders to make them aware with procedures to target and attract millennial generation customers. How can this be done? Is there any way to challenge these basic assumptions? How do we figure out more about this younger slot? It is not a rocket science; the answer is asking them without self-assuming anything and reaching the false conclusion. Stay prepared with an open mindset to what they expect and what do they need to convey and most above all, try to learn from them, it is no harm. Try to figure out their mindset.

Millennial Role Reversal: REVERSE MENTORING

Reverse mentoring is the process, in which senior members of the group are given exposure to staff members who are juniors. It means flipping over the traditional old mentoring programs. In this form of mentoring, a senior member of the team is integrated along with a junior staff member who is supposed to provide a short synopsis on his or her professional work life and work related interests. This will offer the junior member a good and fair visibility, and a brief chance to share their expectations, hopes, and aspirations, along with teaching the senior member with new skills they are aware of. Working with a reverse mentor helps in navigating the mindset of millennial and gives a brief insight into how the peer group perceives certain thing. It navigates the team in the faster communication skills, using real-time methods that include instant messaging and video communication, instead of email and an emailed newsletter.

How Companies Should Hold Reverse Mentoring Program

If you feel that this program might benefit your firm, you should go through few suggestions for a startup. Always reveal a well structured and organized program. Communicate the expected outcomes and process. Choose mentees and mentors carefully because will be representatives of your initiative Carefully choose one particular challenge and issue. Stay firmly attached to the timeframes and mentorship goals. Continue the program for a limited period of time. Make arrangements for informal feedback, analysis, and rigorous formal. Compile a detailed report of all the things that have been learnt. Reverse mentoring will allow an organization from various demographic groups. It will ensure that senior management and junior ones stay well accustomed with each other.

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