The Use of AI in The Workplace Will Be Broad And Revolutionary

The emergence of AI technology in the workplace promises to be revolutionary. Artificial intelligence will effectively reduce overhead costs, drive innovation and improve overall productivity. Employers would use AI to identify the best candidates for jobs and in building their skills.

Several studies reveal that most businesses will soon begin to use AI to perform almost every duty at work. This will include talent and human resources management. In other words, AI technology will play vital roles in how workers are being hired and managed in the nearest future.

AI in the Workplace

Lots of improvements will take place as a result of the introduction of artificial intelligence in the workplace. However, the extent of change coming is still unclear. While some foresee a replacement of human workers by smart machines, others are predicting a collaboration of both human workers and smart machines.

Here are the areas AI technology is currently having an impact already in the workplace, and the future of the partnership between human and AI technology in the workplace:

Employee Onboarding Process

A global research study from consulting firm Protiviti, and research firm ESI ThoughtLab reveal that only about 4% of companies in the world are seeing the major impact of AI on jobs, staffing, and human resource management. However, in about two years from now, the number is expected to rise by 30%, based on AI’s potential to improve the hiring process.

AI can be used by hiring managers to review a candidate’s resume, evaluate and respond to common questions. Delegating these tasks to AI will allow supervisors to utilize their time on more important aspects of managing a team.

Happy Work Culture!

Organizations can enjoy the amazing development of their workforce through the effective usage of AI technology in the workplace. AI-powered adaptive learning programs can be used to train employees. AI technology will also assist companies in reducing their present rate of employee attrition. The predictive model of Advanced AI technology will generate scores for the employees based on the likelihood of quitting their job.

The use of artificial intelligence in the workplace would no longer be an option in the future. Businesses that must compete with their counterparts must leverage the disruptive technology to meet up with skill requirements, speed and development to handle their business demands.

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