Congratulations on getting that job! To be honest, there aren’t really many things to consider before accepting a job offer, especially nowadays when it’s really hard to get hired in the first place. I must tell that you are really lucky and have done really well as a student if you got a decent job at a good company right after you completed your graduation.

The temptation of getting a job can be quite big and due to that people usually rush into the decision of accepting the job offer without even considering some of the important aspects.

Here are some of the things to consider before saying a ‘yes’ right away:

Money matters

The most important concern when you are accepting a job is the salary. Calculate the cash that you require to support yourself and compare it with the salary that you are about to earn. You can also compare it with the salaries that other companies are offering for a similar position. Often a fresher is underpaid than what they actually deserve, so it is important to scale your remuneration on the basis of what skills you have to offer.

Working hours

Before accepting the job offer right away, consider the working schedule and analyze if you have to work for longer hours, or if you need to work on the weekends or during the holidays. You should make sure that you get paid for all the extra hours that you put into work. If you have any doubts regarding the working hours, make sure that you clarify it with the hiring managers, rather than regretting the decision later.

Environment and co-workers

It is always uncomfortable and awkward when you meet your co-workers for the first time and it is quite possible that you feel like a spare wheel as a newbie. But if the environment and people aren’t friendly, you might feel like a spare part for rest of the time. So, before joining, you must keenly observe the workplace culture and the behavior of co-workers.

Job responsibilities

The most important aspect of getting a job is what work you are going to do when you fill that position. You should be certain that you have a clear idea of your job responsibilities and are well-equipped with the required skills. If you are not comfortable with some of the tasks, clarify it with your employer, so that you don’t end up working on something that you don’t like.

Employee Benefits

You should also know what employee benefits that you will be receiving as a part of the company like health insurance, gym membership, bonuses, etc. There are various companies that offer much more than the basic perks to keep their employees motivated. Besides, it’s great to know that you will be getting something extra, right?

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