Your workplace environment is dependent on the kind of boss you have. Not everyone is lucky to get the perfect boss. Usually, bosses behave in a particular manner because they need to get work done and cannot loosen the reins. This does not justify the rude behaviour and lack of interest in other people’s work. An efficient boss will realise that staying grumpy or angry does not get work done all the time. In fact it has the opposite effect. The quality deteriorates and the employees’ productivity dies down. Therefore, things good bosses say will always be something that will help employees work better.

A smart boss knows the effect s/he has on his employees. Therefore, he will always see to it that at every stage s/he acts and talks in a manner where his employees feel happy to be in.


A good start in the morning is essential for the workers to get the right motivation. By just saying a simple ‘good morning,’ the employees are made to feel that the boss wants to try and connect to them at a personal level. A greeting goes a long way in bringing a smile on someone’s face and lifting someone’s spirits.

Great Job!

An encouragement from the boss goes a long way in striving workers to do their best. If a job is done well, then the person must be given his/her due credit. A pat on the back or saying ‘excellent work’ helps the employee realise his/ her potential and also makes them work towards excellence. Words of encouragement are not only beneficial for the person who is being praised but also their colleagues.  When others observe the boss appreciate good work, they too put in extra efforts.


An encouragement from the boss goes a long way!

Let’s give it a try

If your boss is the best boss in town, you will never hear him say no to any suggestion. This is one of the most admirable qualities of a good boss. S/he will always be open to different ideas and opinions. When a boss says that they ‘would like to give it a try,’ it means that they are flexible to implement different ideas for the good of the organization. There are some bosses who would not be open to their juniors’ ideas because their ego might get hurt. If your boss is really cool, then he would never let anyone’s position come in the way of suggesting good ideas.

My mistake.  I’m sorry!

It’s not rare exactly but, not every boss will ever accept his/her mistake. The bosses who do admit their wrongdoings are the best kind of bosses to have. Many people forget that all humans are flawed. Not every boss will be gracious enough to agree that s/he is to blame. Such bosses are feel that they are Godly people. The best bosses will not only accept their mistakes but also apologise to their employees because they feel that others were inconvenient due to their decisions. They do not believe in the saying that, “The boss is always is right.” Such people not gain respect but also end up setting examples for everyone who follow him.

Thank You!

Thank You! These words of kindness is often forgotten to be mentioned. When others are doing a favour to them, they feel that it is their duty. A good boss will never fail on thanking anyone, even if it is for a small job like getting them coffee/tea. One may not realise it now but a small gesture like gratitude can go a long way in bringing about a change for the good. Saying thank you never goes out of style.

I have confidence in you

No good boss will ever lose faith in any of his employees. There may be times when the worker may not be confident enough or might be afraid of goofing up. At such times, if your boss is a fine man, then he will be the first one to motivate you to go further and prove others wrong. Many employees would not want to take up a project fearing that their boss might get angry if they mess up. But a good boss will be the first one to encourage you to take up a task and work on it as s/he is assured that they are fit for the job.

Would you like me to help you?

Many bosses will be too proud to mingle with those who work under them. Employees who work for such bosses fear to ask for help or suggestions as they feel they would be reprimanded. But when your superior is the right person, s/he will always be sure to ask whether you have doubts. They will ask you if you need help regarding any work. A good boss will help you out with things that may not be just concerned to work. Such bosses usually have no ulterior motive but just want their employees to be comfortable to approach them. When a boss puts across that no one needs to hesitate to ask for help it is not only beneficial to the people but the boss as well. There are less chances of people goofing up big projects and work can be completed faster

Can you provide your assistance?

No proud boss will ever ask for help from their juniors. They feel that they would be insulted by others and be looked down upon. In reality, when a boss asks for help, it makes us realise that everyone is important and no one is perfect. The best of bosses will always ask for everyone’s opinions before taking major steps. A humble boss will never feel ashamed of asking someone for help. They never think what others might say. If they are stuck at a particular place, they would rather ask for everyone’s reviews than making the situation worse.


A humble boss will never feel ashamed of asking someone for help.

How is your family?

A good boss will always be concerned for not only their team members but their families and pets as well. We might come across those seniors who are just concerned about their work and don’t care about what happens in his/her employees’ lives. This approach can result towards hating the boss. A concerned superior will see to it that he knows what is going on in the lives of their employees. An occasional talk about family members and pets lightens the tense mood and also help in building a personal bond that can indirectly benefit the organization as well.

Things good bosses say will not be to just gain popularity or be loved. Good bosses are also smart bosses. By being nice to employees, the organization benefits as well. If people work in harmony and in a happy environment then the output will be better and than the usual.

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