Things to Avoid when Conducting a Virtual Meeting

People across the world are working from home, as the Coronavirus pandemic has forced them to be at homes. However, working from home also includes virtual meetings and web conferences due to the lack of employees in a single place. As such, it is essential that a participant prepares themselves fully for the virtual meeting and let it occur smoothly and efficiently. Here we bring to you certain things which you need to avoid while conducting a virtual meeting:



Conducting A Virtual Meeting

Not having a Plan

When a person decides to hold a virtual meeting, it is essential to have a detailed plan or schedule where all crucial points are highlighted. This makes sure the critical points are highlighted in the conference, and all the participants are well informed ahead.

Not following Conference Call Etiquette

During a virtual meet or a discussion over the video, it is essential to maintain regular eye contact. Not keeping eye contact with participants during a video conference shows the participant as disinterested or bored. Working from home doesn’t mean a person will eat during a video conference; the person should maintain professionalism like they would do when they are in the office in a meeting in person.

Not using a reliable Web Conferencing Service

Technical issues like a hanged browser, voices breaking up, or lag are just hints of unprofessionalism. The problems should be addressed way before a meeting to ensure the person is all set for the video conference without any technical problems. The participant should choose a reliable provider with a platform that is familiar to all participants and offers qualitative video and audio connectivity.

Not rehearsing big Meetings or Presentations beforehand

If you’re the host of the virtual meet, it is essential to call a few people beforehand to rehearse the specific points. Also, make sure you are prolific with the software you use in the meeting. As such, even if the meeting includes a considerable number of participants and key people in your office, you will be prepared for any challenges and ready for the conference.

Keeping Communication strictly Digital

While holding a virtual meeting, it can be much easier to keep the entire communication digital. However, while the digital communication tools certainly make connecting with teams convenient, it makes conversations boring and tedious too. Digital communications with work teams don’t let people communicate freely and effectively. The person should also initiate person-to-person contact, if they can, or over the phone, ditching the video call.

Rushing through Meetings

In an in-person meeting, it is easier to put in opinions and talks in between a conversation. However, it is not the case in virtual communications. Virtual meetings are more challenging. As all the members are not in the same room, the team members may not be comfortable sharing their opinions or talk in between the conversation. As such, the participant should give the chance to let the other participants express their thoughts. Make sure to pause regularly in the virtual meet to provide the remote team the opportunity to speak.

Not Setting the Standard for your Team

If you have set a time for a meeting, make sure you follow the time and not be late. It is highly unprofessional to arrive at the meet late by around 10-15 mins when all the participants and your team members are already there on time. If you have a genuine reason for being late, make sure you let the participants know beforehand and reschedule the meet.

Avoid these mistakes during a virtual meet and conduct an efficient and successful conference or meeting with the team and key professionals.

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