Things to do on first day of your job

The first day at a new job is exciting and memorable with people meeting new colleagues and experiencing unforgettable moments in a new workplace. In such a situation, it is essential that you do your best on the first day of work to create a good impression.

Today we share tips and tricks to make the first day at work eventful and last a good impression on everyone.


Dress well

Dressing up well creates a good impression and also ensures that the new employee is adhering to the dress code of the office. You can opt for a shirt dress or a pantsuit. If you see the people around you dress up casually, adjust your clothing accordingly and appropriately. 

Schedule the Commute

You may not be well aware of the commuting distance from your home to office. The first day commute to the new office will give you an idea. After that, you can accordingly plan the route and transportation details, If you are unsure about the distance and is strict about reaching office on time, start from your home around half an hour before the scheduled time. There may be rush hour traffic on your commute. Hence, it is wise to start early. 

Review Documentation Work

The first day of work usually includes the onboarding process with induction, interacting with office people and documentation work for the onboarding. Always review the documentation works, employment contracts related paperwork. Read the materials offered for the work carefully and discuss with the HR and administration to understand it well. 

Ask Questions

New employees have lot to learn about the new workplace, work ethics and processes. Ask questions about these things to learn and understand well. It will also help you to avoid any mistakes in the future. Being inquisitive is a good trait of a new employee. 

Be Friendly

Interact with colleagues, be cheerful and friendly at the workplace. Everyone likes a person who they interact with freely and are pleasant to connect to. Be that person! Engage in conversations with co-workers, get into casual talks by asking about nearby restaurants or coffee shops and the like. Making friends will portray your team-building skills to the organization. Also, a good friend at work will be a productive person to advance your career in future.

Past Work Experiences

Tell the co-workers about your past work experiences, your roles, responsibilities and your performance in the last company. This will help them to analyze your skills and work preferences to engage you in a suitable role and give suitable responsibilities. Also, let them know why you switched jobs to the new company to help them get a clear idea. 

Eat with Coworkers

If your co-workers invite you for lunch, accept the offer. Eating lunch with colleagues is a superb way to interact with people and make friends at work. It will also give you an idea of the people you are working with. 

Always Observe and Learn

A new workplace environment will definitely give you newer things to learn. Be it about work roles, new work processes or professionalism, a new workplace will give you plentiful opportunities and people to learn and work. Observe your experienced co-workers and managers and learn from them. Observe the conversations carefully and their behavior. this will help you to understand and learn more from successful people and make friends with them to help you in your career ahead. 

Body Language

A good body language and posture is vital thing to consider for a new employee. Even when you are not communicating verbally, you are communicating a lot with your body language. Sit or stand straight and avoid being nervous. While having a conversation with anyone, lean forward to show your interest in a conversation, nod for approval and show your understanding to the topic in discussion. 

Diana Coker
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