Things you do not miss about office when working from home

Strangely there is a consensus on some things that people who work from home do not miss at all about their old work life.

After being stuck at home for almost six months most work from home people are either ready to throw in the towel and wishing for any setting but home, and others that have grown quite comfortable in this new routine.

But strangely there is a consensus on some things that both groups do not miss at all about their old work life.

Here is a list of the most common non-missed items that people held forth about:

Things To Consider While Working From Home

Work from home things employees don't miss

Work from home policies

The commute

We are all familiar with the morning hour rush that starts the moment the alarm goes off. It is rush over the getting-ready routine, rush to the car and the drive or the metro, bus or whatever transport you are using,  rush to the elevator, which invariably closes on your nose tip or stops at every floor. (The organized types who decide on their morning clothes the night before please ignore).

Office Politics

Work From Home does not totally eliminate the politicking but it certainly distances you from it literally and figuratively. When you do not want to participate, just claim bad internet and,  “I missed what you were saying”.

Office celebrations

It is so soothing to have virtual birthdays and wishes.  It is all civilized and quick. There are no awkward moments of various hierarchies getting together to celebrate every birthday or the collection drive, running to get a cake and a token present. The virtual variety is more fulfilling for all concerned.

One can add the office parties, the meet-outs, theme days and whatnots to this list.

Now one has the luxury of not being called a non-team player if you are reluctant to spend your Saturdays with colleagues.

The guilt trips regarding long lunch breaks and coffee breaks. 

Work from home allows you to set your own working hours. You want a break, there is no one breathing down your neck or frowning as you enter your cubicle. Maybe except your own conscience.

Just get your work done is the mantra, the how, where and whats have all fallen by the wayside.

And not surprisingly office temperature was something that the female gender was very happy to avoid.

The freezing temperatures that every office tends to operate in mandating a shawl and socks and boots can now be happily disregarded.

The reason for the low temperatures is apparently to keep the technology cool so it works at an optimal level. The humans can adjust was the logic


One colleague described it as the bliss of not having to attend the myriad number of meetings where you had to appear to be interested in every utterance made by the boss. There still are meetings on Zoom (the new tool that no-one in these Covid-19 times can do without) but the advantage is you can zone out on Zoom with no one the wiser.


This is not to say there are no distractions at home, but you can get angry and shout at the distraction at home and ask them to leave you alone; not so in office.

At home people do not drift over to your cubicle or desk for a chat or an inane query or pop in for a minute and stay for a half hour.  Or bring you a much-needed coffee, but need your inputs in their life.

Most people that this reporter questioned agreed that they got more work done in lesser time and with more leisure at home.

But this work from home bliss is not for everyone. There are people who miss the camaraderie of shared work experiences, the exchange of ideas and the general chaos of getting work done together.

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