Three P’s in a POD- Performance, Passion and Productivity

Is this a major co-incidence that performance, passion and productivity start from P? No, they are actually inter-linked. Pursuing your most passionate desires will lead to a direct increase in your productivity, leading to better performances. Be it reading books, swimming, music, dance, gardening, anything. How? Passion is a source of energy for most of the people and they revitalize while pursuing it. It increases the performance level of any individual on an ultimate level. But this 'how' cannot be answered in one simple sentence. So let’s have an in-depth look at it.

Performance, Passion and Productivity

performance, passion and productivity


Be your Honest Transparent Self

Whatever may be your passion, when you are executing it, you know one thing for sure that it is going to make you happy. You know that you won’t be dishonest to something that makes you happy. There are examples of people who have barred all their masks while following their true interests.

For example, an introvert manager doing a 9-5 corporate gig every day can suddenly turn into a rockstar with just a guitar in his hand if playing one is his real passion. Even though he may go to being that introvert person again, once the guitar gig is done; those few moments of being the most transparent self is what rejuvenates him.

The Natural Flow

You may think that we are talking intellectual or philosophical, but it is true that when you do something that you truly love, you can connect to the divinity. When you channelize your energies towards the most passionate things, you don’t need to try. You may have to try giving a perfect presentation or a perfect speech to co-workers. But when you are in your own bubble of your passion, you don’t have to do things forcefully. It comes naturally, the positive vibes, the energy, everything flows like the tides. Ideas and creativity also flow naturally while doing something you love. Passion and productivity are very much inter-linked, which is why the best performance outcomes are when people have a balanced time pursuing their jobs as well as passions.

Finally, It’s is the most fun thing to do

If you love doing something, it also has to be something that gives you ultimate happiness, right? You cannot love doing something and at the same time dread doing it. Now that it’s the most fun thing to do, it means that obviously it will boost up your energy levels and invigorate you. Your zest and zeal will be doubled at even the mention of the same. So why stay away from something that has the potential to give you happiness?

It is not a rule or something, but we all know that life is very short to have regrets. If doing something that you are passionate about can increase your productivity then why not? If you cannot leave your 9-5 gig to follow your passion, you can at least pursue it on weekends, rather than just ignoring it.

In ‘The Top Five Regrets of the Dying – A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing’ by Bronnie Ware, she says that the most common regrets faced by her patients was living a life as per others expectations and not the one they truly wanted to live. Surely, you do not want that regret on your deathbed.

Do it Before You Regret Not Doing it

So why wait for something you truly love? Get that dust cleared from your guitar, schedule a visit to the book-fair, order some gardening instruments, enroll in that dance class, and do what your heart truly desires.

Everything else mentioned in the hundreds of thousands of articles on the internet will certainly help increasing productivity, but nothing will work as effectively as pursuing your passion. Passion and productivity really go hand-in-hand. Also, it is definitely possible to do that without leaving your corporate life and responsibilities (if you want to balance both). Just plan things systematically and viola, things will definitely fall into place; passion, productivity, performance, career, and life, everything.

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