It’s Time We Accept That Women Make Better Leaders

Just like how a ship needs a trained sailor, an organization needs a motivating leader. The importance of leadership is widespread and certainly, we don’t have to dig into that. A good leader knows the strengths and weaknesses of the employees and gears the business into a progressive direction. But do we ever wonder that the list of big leaders always has male names in the majority? In the patriarchal pyramid, most women get stuck in positions of the middle-level management, as the Fast Company reports. This is a major setback as women make equally better leaders as men.

Women are also not represented rightly in the C-suite. reports that currently, only 29 women (5.8 percent) hold CEO positions at S&P 500 companies. In addition to this, a McKinsey survey notes that significantly 83 percent middle level management women and 79 percent entry level women show a desire to move towards higher levels. While a major 79 percent women have ambitions of bagging top management positions. Such eye-opening stats are reported in a white paper by the Center for Creative Leadership.

So why don’t organizations accept and embrace the idea that women can set a great leadership example? In fact, women make better leaders compared to their male counterparts. Before some of you disagree with this statement, have a look at the below-mentioned points.

Women Make Better Leaders

women make better leaders compared to men

Self-improvement and Hardworking

Not just looks, fitness, and the wardrobe aspects, women tend to improve in all aspects of their lives. Be it a healthy living or developing better leadership qualities. They know that constant improvisation is the key to thriving in any area. Not only do they want to excel themselves but they also prioritize the improvisation of their company above everything else. Company performance, productivity, and positive results; women focus on all the aspects of improvement.

Overall Development

women make better leaders than men

No one can deny the fact that women have the top-hand when it comes to nurturing others. Mothers nurture the development of babies and that is a proof enough to state that no one can help you progress towards development in the way women do. Women make better leaders than their male counterparts when it comes to the overall development of the organization.

A study published by Harvard Business Review shows that women won over men in 12 of the 16 leadership challenges. One of these challenges was about developing others. Moreover, women create a sense of development in their workers by making them believe that they are allowed to learn and grow as per their pace. This also helps in lowering the rates of employee turnover.

When the sense of fulfillment and security that someone is out there who is ready to encourage development and growth exists; workers involuntarily feel loyal and show increased levels of productivity.



The quality of multi-tasking that a women leader has can work wonders for an organization. Feedbacks, training, development, motivating others, women leaders can typically do everything. From presentations to analytical projects, give them anything and they will prove themselves, time and again. Like the seven horses in a chariot, the most important areas of an organization are training, recruitment, development, motivation, productive innovations, employee retention, and increased outcomes. A women leader can gracefully take the reins of all the aspects and run the chariot of the organization with efficiency and accountability single-handedly.

Women Leaders

women make better leaders

Notably, Womenofhr has also mentioned points that are related to the above-mentioned points. Other than those points some other aspects showing that women make better leaders are-

  • They are Empathetic
  • They can take logical as well as emotional aspects into consideration
  • Women are blessed with a motherly instinct; they can be caring and compassionate for the entire workforce, and not just their family. They consider their organization as a second family and try to imbibe that feeling in the employees too.
  • Women can make their workers feel homely, accepted, noticed, and appreciated.

So do you agree now that it is high time women get the deserved positions that they are capable of in organizations? You can drop comments in the box below or e-mail us at

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