It’s Time You Need to Hire a Human Resource Professional at Your Startup

Hire a Human Resource Professional at Your StartupAs a startup, most founders are haunted by dreams of depleting funds and acquiring new clients. The sheer magnitude of those challenges consume of a major chunk of their time and efforts. Even experienced managers sometimes find it exhausting to manage day-to-day operations. For a founder, a reliable team means tapping all avenues to increase profits and revenues. At some point of time as the company grows, bringing a human resource professional onboard is going to be on the top priority list. Here are five cues that indicate its time you hire a human resource expert:

Hire a Human Resource Professional at Your Startup

More Than 50 Employees: When a company has reached 50 employees, laws such as Family and Medical Leave Act come into being. While other laws kick in when you reach two employees, and more at 15 employees, the real trouble begins when you need to navigate through Federal, state and local laws to understand more about them. While they may seem simple when read on portals, the truth is, they’re quite tricky and definitely need expertise. The Culture Problem: As a founder of a startup, you’ll find that everyone has a closely-knit relationship with everyone where you have toiled to create the culture. But as the company grows and more and more people join, it may become difficult to preserve its culture. When your employees start to feel a little alien, it’s time you hire someone who can help them with their problems. When You’re on Hiring Spree: A one-time hiring spree is okay because you can take help from friends and close associates, but when you’re a rapidly growing business, and hiring individuals keeps making a comeback on the agenda, you will need someone who can help you with the whole hiring business. While it is the managers’ decision to make the final call, you’ll need someone who can smooth-sail through the various aspects of hiring an individual. This includes screening the applicants, coordinating with them, drafting offer letters, doing background checks, making sure you’re in compliance with the laws and lastly the whole welcome aboard process! The People Issues: As a founder you may be an expert in the business, but that won’t necessarily make you an expert on people around you. The perk of hiring a decent human resource professional is that it will help you determine how to make your employees more happy and productive. An HR professional can not only help you reduce the amount of paper work involving certain aspects of the HR division but also streamline staff issues. An HR professional can counsel, advise your employees, and can help run the employee side of your company efficiently.  

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