Tips to fall in love with your job (again)

love with your job

Remember the first day of your job? When you were thrilled and excited to learn and develop new skills. Even if it wasn’t your dream job, it was a huge step towards an exciting career path. But recently, you do not feel the same way. It’s not that you hate your job or that you want to quit, but the work is feeling dull and boring and you might be feeling the Sunday night blues again.

Even the most exciting jobs have dull days. When you do the same task every day, sitting at the same desk, working with the same people, going to the same office and having the same routine, it is natural to fall in a rut occasionally. But it is important to recognize that it is just a rut and you don’t need to quit that job because of it. All you need to do is take some actions that will help you fall in love with your job.

Here are some tips for falling in love with your job all over again:

Take some action

Even when people recognize that they are in a rut, they think that the slump will pass or they assume that they cannot do anything about it. It won’t help to sit back and hope that things will change. Even if you take small steps to change it, you may feel a transformation in your work. Take smaller actions, and do so intentionally. You may require a strategy to move from dissatisfied to satisfied and further to wildly satisfied.

Change your surrounding

If you are hanging out with a bunch of complainers, introduce yourself to other people who are interesting and positive about the workplace. If you are sick of having your lunch at your desk, go out for lunch more often if possible or have some lunch buddies. In this way, you may also find a great friend or a mentor from your workplace. If your routine seems monotonous and dull, reorganize your desk and be more organized, this will make your work easier and give you some change from the routine.

Work-Life balance

It is really important to draw a boundary between work and personal life. Many people merge both the roles, which may lead to exhaustion and tiredness. If there is no work-life balance, you will never feel excited about any project or any event in your personal life. Take a break regularly, when you can stop thinking about work and give some time to yourself. Spare some time for friends and family, and make time for some activities that you enjoy even when you are overscheduled.

Implementing these things will surely make you fall in love with your job once again and you won’t need to push yourself to go to the office anymore.

Anna Verasai
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