Tis’ 2016, Let’s Focus on Retention for Good

Employment Retention Strategies 2016 According to employee retention strategies 2016, the shortage of skills and improvement in the market economy will make talent retention as one of the major pressing concern for HR in upcoming years. It is very significant for all the industries to make sure they try to retain their skilled employees from moving to newer ventures with hefty payrolls. For this purpose, they need to draft a number of strategies, which could avoid ending up losing talented employees. This is where the role of employee retention strategies 2016 enters the field.


Draw agreements that can prove beneficial for both the parties instead of one. If you are investing in highly talented employees, they will deliver great outcomes for your organization. Even the companies who plan better retention strategies sometimes fail to retain their best talent. In such circumstance, all you need to understand is you have done your best to retain the, and let them go with your blessings instead of forcing them to continue. If you want to escape such situation, draw a mutual agreement between you and your employee. If they are providing good outcomes to your business, you should benefit them in return, this will encourage them.


Establish a culture which will help, develop, and challenge your talented employees in an appropriate manner allowing them to find new things and grow in their field.


Have a certain vision and focus on establishing it. Concentrate on explaining your talented employees where they belong and how important their contribution towards your organization is.


Harness new methods to give and receive feedbacks on employees. Read more on employee engagement: The HR Digest

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