Top 10 Jobs for Extroverts to Speak Your Minds Out

You know that saying “opposites attract”? It’s not completely true when it comes to getting the right jobs for outspoken and easy-going people. But the perfect jobs for extroverts could solve that.

There are actually plenty of jobs that are perfect for extroverts, and you might be surprised by just how many of them there are.

If you’re an extrovert, you might feel like your personality is a problem.

Jobs For Extroverts That Will (Also) Pay Bills

Sometimes you are left to wonder how you can get ahead in a world where people are constantly trying to avoid your kind of personality?

Extroverts, rejoice! We’ve got a list of jobs for you.

But don’t worry, we’ve got some great news for you. There are plenty of jobs out there that cater to your unique skill set. And they pay really well, too. So if you’ve been feeling like your career has been suffering because of your introverted coworkers, worry no more — this list is here to make things right!

Here’s our top 10 best jobs for extroverts who want to speak their minds (and get paid for it):

1. Lawyer

Many extroverts flourish really well as lawyers. A lawyer is a person who abides by the law and defends the rights of individuals. As an extrovert who loves to abide and live by rules and also defend people, this could be the perfect job for you. This is also a very good job for extroverts that pays well.

2. Flight Attendant

Extroverts perform well as flight attendants. Being a flight attendant is one of the best jobs for a people person who enjoys traveling and meeting new people. You get to meet people and ensure they are well relaxed on a plane. You also get to demonstrate most of the things you have learnt from your training to them. And with a great personality you would do just fine.

3. Counselor

If you enjoy giving out advice and helping people understand situations, then this can be a good job for extroverts like you. You would have to meet new people regularly and advise them on problems they could be having. As a counselor, you get to express yourself with your personality in check and speak your mind out.

4. Event Planner

Event planner is also one of the best jobs for extroverts. This is perfect for people who love to turn up for events like parties, birthdays, weddings and so much more. Event planning is one of the best careers for extroverts because they get to organize events to an excellent level and build awesome relationships with other people involved in the event as well.

5. Teacher (especially elementary school)

Teaching is another good career for extroverts and it is one of the jobs for extroverts that pays well. If you enjoy talking about all you have studied or learned and you love teaching, this is the perfect job for you. Many students love outgoing teachers who can communicate really well with them. It builds a good relationship between a teacher and the students.

6. Registered Nurse

Nursing is also one of the best jobs for extroverts that pays well. A nurse is generally a caretaker. He or she ensures that a patient is properly checked and taken care of. As a nurse, an extrovert could relate well with patients and make them feel more comfortable while in the hospital.

7. Customer Success Representative

This is also one of the best jobs for extroverts. As a customer service representative, you get to speak to different people everyday and help them answer questions regarding an issue.

8. Human Resources Professional

This is another fantastic job for extroverts that pays well. A HR manager is someone who sits right between employees and their employer. This is a person who handles the affairs of the employees and resolves whatever issues they might have amongst themselves. Extroverts perform really well in this area because they have the ability to communicate their thoughts and ideas well.

9. Salesperson

As a salesperson, you have the duty of selling and convincing. A person who has the skill of convincing and persuasion can practically sell anything. This means personality matters as well. If you are shy, you won’t be able to talk to customers about a product you want them to buy. But extroverts are very good at this.

10. Mediator

A mediator is a person who settles conflict between a group of people. Such a person has problem solving abilities and can share their thoughts and ideas on how they view a particular problem. This is a good job for extroverts.

If you’re an extrovert, chances are you’ve got a lot to say. That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best jobs for extroverts that matches your personality and helps you speak your mind.


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