Top 3 Productivity Tools for Startups

Productivity tools Every startup needs a robust set of tools in order to perform their business with. Many companies will spend a huge amount of time trying to figure out the perfect set of tools for their use, but they will end up confused for which one to go for. Here we have curated a list of top three productivity tools for startups. These won’t break your bank, and you will easily discover that these make your business operate in a very smooth manner. Here is the list of top 3 productivity tools to increase the employee productivity.

This software was previously known as It is fast, easy to use, very simple, and offers an unlimited amount of expense tracking and invoicing. This software is free for startups having less than 9 employees. It is specifically developed for non-accountants and do not worry, as it is an accountant approved software. You can easily connect your various bank accounts using this software securely, and it will automatically transport your transactions into the software.

It is an abbreviated form of “if this, then that.” This software functions a lot in a way a certain computer program works following if/then logic throughout the day. Very efficiently it can help you with task automation. For example, if someone has tagged you in a picture on Facebook, you can easily make a recipe, which would download the image into your Dropbox automatically.

This has been named as one of the best productivity tools for startups by many surveys. This software is one of the leading social intranets, which is free for startups having less than 12 employees. The entire tool combines of several different work tools namely project management, file sharing, CRM, real-time streaming, and activity planner. It is cloud-based software so it can be easily accessed anywhere. These were our suggestions for top three productivity tools for startups, what do you suggest? Read more on The HR Digest

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