Top 4 HR Tools to Increase Employee Efficiency

Employee Efficiency

As we are about to enter 2016, getting more amount of employee engagement and employee efficiency comes as one of the biggest priorities for entrepreneurs. Their purpose is not only to transform themselves into being more efficient but also to transform their staff into one. Employee efficiency is one of the most crucial factors for the success of any organization.

So how to manage employee efficiency and employee engagement while saving time? Here are the tools.



Zula is a tool for collaborative messaging. It focuses on instant collaboration via a mobile platform, which allows establishing communication through conference calls, texts, file sharing, and rich media.

#Password Management


It is a program, which is highly-secured and it can create and store complex passwords automatically. LastPass combines cloud SSO with password vaulting capabilities, which will help you to keep your company’s data secure. It handles password policies and optimizes the productivity of your employees. It arrives with a wide range of features for tracking purpose and allows your team to focus on their work rather than worrying for passwords.

#Project Collaboration


It is a chat tool for teams, which allows file sharing and private communication. At the same time, a user can take part into several chats without any hassles. This allows individuals to work on numerous projects at the same time and makes private conversation easier. It generates an easily searchable format for chat records and allows video calls and screen sharing. The highly-secured feature of this tool keeps the communication safe from external access.

#Scheduling Online


It is a scheduling space specially designed for small businesses. Currently, it schedules more than 650,000 appointments every month for various business owners. The price of this tool is based on the volume of employees in an organization, and the plans start from 1-6 users. Apart from scheduling, the tool allows a company to provide special promotional offers. GenBook easily collaborates these advertisements with social profiles of the company. It also provides analytics for customer tracking.

Employees usually work for an average of 5-6 hours per day, and organizations pay for this time. There are times when results of employee time and work do not match with each other. To avoid this issue, getting the right set of tools can easily increase the employee efficiency in your organization.

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