Our Top 4 Tips for Social Media Recruitment

Our Top 4 Tips for Social Media RecruitmentThe sole purpose of recruiting is to find the right kind of person at the right time for the right job. That said, it implies that one source for such an arduous task is never enough. You’ll want to milk diverse platforms to find the best of the lot. Social media here is no exemption.

Social media can be an incredible hotspot for finding passive candidates – people who are employed yet open for the right kind of opportunity. Generally, they represent almost a large portion of the talent pool. Seeing that desired opportunities pop up on job boards once in a blue moon, job seekers are in general engaging in communities all over the internet (sites like Pinterest for food talent, for example). Social media has turned into a captivating spot for bosses looking for the best from the talent pool.

Flagship social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have over 500 million users combined. The number here measures up to a ton of potential talent for your organization. However, how would you discover the right candidate from the list?

Here are a few steps to begin with:

1. Be Genuine in Your Approach
Be genuine. Make sure that you have a pleasant avatar online, a clear and concise bio and up to date contact information to make people to extend their networking arms to you.

Ensure that you organize your online networking profiles to give potential contacts a finer glimpse of who you are. People online are connecting to you, and not the brand you represent. Connect with everybody; you never know who will make that big league referral or connection for you!

2. Individualize Your Approach
Sooner or later, you will need to connect with individuals have never met before and become a part of their conversations. The idea behind this is simple:
Connect with people online in a thoughtful manner,
Take time to understand the kind of person you’re connecting to and be subservient of their time and attention, and Be individualized in your approach.

3. Offer Interesting Tidbits
All work and no play wrinkles your online profile. While you may consider small talk somewhat of a passé, it is not the case when it comes to social media. Sharing interesting tidbits, news articles, etc. lead to small talk, which may someday manifest into even longer and interesting conversations. Let’s put it this way, Facebook could be your new water-cooler and Twitter your mini cocktail-party, and you never know when that conversation starts off-line!

4. Look for Substance
One of the prime bonuses of taking the social media route to find the next wonder kid for your firm is that it helps you look at how candidates are engaged online. Social media doesn’t just give you resume data, but a lot more that what you were initially looking for. There are candidates out there who passionately contribute to their profession on sites like LinkedIn while others just lurk around. If they’re engaged in their fields online, then it’s a guarantee that they would be engaged in your organization too.

Social networking can provide for you an incredible and productive approach to engage with your group – potential candidates, customers, clients, prospects, and so forth – from the same pool that your rival organization are fishing from. The key is to ensure that you have sufficient resources to invest into your network for its growth and nurturing.

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