Top 5 LinkedIn Skills Courses – How to Work Remotely With Their Use

The Coronavirus pandemic situation has forced millions of workers and employees to be indoors and switch to remote working or work from home. Many states across the world, too, has ordered “non-essential workers” to be at home and practice social distancing and work from home for their offices and corporations.

In such a time, professional network LinkedIn has stated that there has been a considerable demand upsurge in skill training courses. LinkedIn said that by the end of March alone, it has witnessed members spending a whopping 1.2 million hours viewing skills training courses, many of which were related to virtual work. Also, job and course searches in LinkedIn related to “remote working” courses have tripled since January.

Top 5 LinkedIn Skills Courses

LinkedIn has numerous online classes where it teaches members and learners skills related to diverse fields to work from home and excel in it. Today we bring the top five most popular work-from-home skills training courses. These courses are free for LinkedIn members and are taught by some best-selling authors and renowned productivity consultants from around the globe.

LinkedIn Insights Talent

Eric Owski, head of product for LinkedIn Talent Insights revealed it was distributed among more than 80 customers and users at multiple levels in talent organizations to ensure it fulfilled the three priorities LinkedIn set for the tool.

Working Remotely

This is a LinkedIn course teaching the basics of remote work and witnessed a 7,536% increase in viewership in March. Coach Mike Gutman conducts the course from FlexJobs, where he discusses the use of cloud-communication tools in being connected with a work team, how to build a productive home office, and ways to create and build meaningful relationships with remote teammates.

The objectives of the course include:

  • Describing the ideal home setup for efficient productivity when working remotely.
  • Summarizing the process of onboarding a remote worker efficiently.
  • Coach explaining the significance of work-life balance and ways to maintain it during a work-from-home situation.
  • Information about the tools required for remote workers to stay connected to the home office.
  • Ways to manage conflict with teammates while working remotely.
  • Explaining tactics on how to build a culture in a remote team.

Time Management

This is a LinkedIn course that focuses on ways to stay productive from the house, and it witnessed a 5,320% increase in viewership during March. The course is conducted by bestselling author and productivity expert Dave Crenshaw, who explains ways to stay productive as a remote employee.

The objectives of the course include:

  • Creating a productive environment by limiting distractions at home.
  • Evaluating and opting for the best technology to increase productivity during work from home.
  • Differentiate between the constant effort and healthy working rhythm.
  • Explain expectations in terms of communication while remaining responsive.
  • Benefits of relationship building.
  • Learning ways to manage interruptions/distractions and emergencies at home.

Leading at a Distance

This is a LinkedIn course on virtual management and witnessed a 3,008% increase in viewership during March. The course was conducted by leadership consultant Kevin Eikenberry who advises managers on ways to build and develop interpersonal relationships virtually, including how to coach and develop trust with a remote workforce.

The objectives of the course include:

  • Effective connection with remote teams
  • Remote leadership model.
  • Achieving success while working from home
  • Providing coaching and feedback.
  • Working mechanism of distant politics.
  • Building trust while working remotely.
  • Effective communication.
  • Leveraging technology as a remote leader.

 Learning Zoom

This is a LinkedIn course that focuses on the remote workforce platform Zoom and witnesses a 2,605% increase in viewership during March. The course teaches members how to schedule, moderate, and participate in virtual platform Zoom meetings. The course focuses on setting up the Zoom account of a user, teaching them how to manage settings, audio/video settings, how to participate in Zoom meetings, how to share a screen, and how to record work meetings.

Microsoft Teams Essential Training

This is a LinkedIn course that focuses on remote workforce platform Microsoft Teams. The course witnessed a 376% increase in viewership during March. The course gives the learner an overview of Microsoft Teams, a remote work platform. Users will learn about various keyboard shortcuts and useful apps, which will help for better productivity and help in streamlining work on Teams.

The objectives of the course include:

  • Ways to save time with bots
  • Extending the functionality and productivity of use of Teams with apps
  • Forwarding emails to Teams
  • Modifying the member’s notifications and alerts
  • Using Teams as the hub for all Office 365 apps
  • Ways to hide inactive channels and teams
  • Teaching helpful keyboard shortcuts

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