Top Careers for HR Professionals to Pursue

Are you seeking career growth in human resources? Here we have listed top careers for HR professionals to help you carve a niche in the industry you desire.

If you want to follow a career in human resources, there are many options open to you. You can pursue the traditional role and become a human resource executive responsible for hiring, firing, onboarding, employee management, and engagement. Or you can go niche and strategize, become an entrepreneur, hiring executive, trainer, join a non-profit organization, become a consultant or an international labor dispute specialist, or become an HR IT expert. The field is broad enough to expand into myriad pathways and forge new ones too.

Career in Human Resources

Human resource has a direct impact on the people working in any organization, it determines what values, culture, and image an organization promotes within and outside its premises. Here are the various careers that you can diversify into under the HR umbrella.

Career in Human Resources

Careers For HR Professionals

HR Consultant

This role is similar to what a management consultant does for a company. The management person deals with sales, marketing, and branding of a company and its services and products; the HR consultant does the same job but his or her focus is on the people in the organization. Consultants can specialize in benefits, employee incentives, pensions, team building, company culture after mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing and even labor dispute settlements.

HR consultants assess the employee-related situations in a company and can recommend changes in terms of manpower, skill specializations, outsourcing options, and even the human face of the company.

Human Resources IT Specialist

With the advancing role of technology in HR, it is a much sought after highly paid position.

HR information technology (IT) specialist combines computer skills with human resource management to develop softwares suitable to HR roles like customizable payrolls, administrative software for routines tasks like tracking leaves, attendance, benefits, tax payments etc. One can be a systems developer in HR IT architecture development. HR IT specialist facilitates a company to apply technology that helps streamline HR processes, makes it more efficient and cost-effective.

Training and Development Manager

This role is in high demand among companies that want to retain employees and are concerned about the long-term benefits of employee loyalty and engagement. Training managers hold workshops, conferences and other gatherings pertaining to the company, and team-building exercises. Workshops can be about upskilling or exposing employees to new technology or processes. It is for professionals who are comfortable interacting with people and making the process entertaining and enjoyable.

Jobs in Human Resources

HR Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship in HR is majorly about headhunting and placement consultancy. One can specialize in fulfilling outsourced HR roles that small and medium companies look out for.

Another option is to go into sourcing temporary staff for organizations that have large projects and need to fulfill it in a specified time.

People also run team building, employee engagement outfits. They customize workshops, outings and engagement events for companies. You can provide image consultancy services also, which can go the whole gamut from helping individuals to companies present a better image of oneself.

Recruitment Specialist or Executive Recruiters

Recruitment specialists specialize in hiring c -suite personnel like CEOs, CFOs and people in the higher echelons of the executive ladder.

The position is highly lucrative, and one can charge a retainership or a percentage of the salary. To be successful in this position one requires to be well connected, have networking abilities and to be a mover and shaker.

It is all about knowing and tapping the right people and sources.

HR Manager

This encompasses the traditional role of managing the actual human resource of a company, that is the employees. You are responsible for the smooth functioning of the organization by keeping the employees fully engaged in their jobs, supervising the mundane tasks like office equipment, facilities, managing small disputes, overseeing leaves, attendance, compliance issues, and more.

It is a very detail-oriented role and requires patience and resourcefulness.

If you enjoy managing tasks and things well done, then this is the role for you. It has tremendous opportunities for moving up the ladder and even reaching the C-Suite level where your experience through the ladder of HR will make you a good strategy planner at the board level.

Other roles that are open to HR personnel

Social and Community managers: Government offices and non-profit organizations are always on the lookout for welfare officers.

Medical and Healthcare managers: One can specialize in medical benefits and compliance issues. There are opportunities in hospital management systems, hospitality business, and sports management.

Occupational Health and safety specialist: This is a niche role where one can specialize in the requirements of safety and compliance that organizations have to meet. These can include fire, chemical, children’s safety, recreational and sports, and industries that are considered high risk such as mining, etc.

Employee and labor relations: It is a handy specialization in union environments. They can help interpret union contracts, labor negotiations, and collective bargaining for both sides, the employer and the employee; resolving labor disputes. One can also handle employee relations, grievances, the processes of firing, exit interviews and such.

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