Top Entry-Level Jobs for Literature Majors

Finding suitable entry-level jobs for literature majors depends on a lot of factors. Of course, most people who choose careers in literature already have a long list of top-paying jobs for literature majors they are focusing on. Do you have a passion for publishing or language translation? Yes, the set of skills you find yourself more comfortable with can be crucial in choosing an entry-level job. And the amount of time you’re ready to give in should also be considered. Entry-level jobs for English majors are not only for graduates; students can look for experience or a means to earn doing part-time jobs for literature majors.

However, it doesn’t matter if you are aspiring to start law school, become the best advertising manager in town or still clueless on the next step in your career. Being a literature graduate is enough to pay those bills and put enough food on your table. Below are some of the top-entry jobs for literature majors.

Freelance Writer

jobs for literature majors freelance writerCareers in literature don’t necessarily require you to graduate before you can start to earn. If you have plans for a part-time job as a literature major, becoming a freelance writer would give you a perfect start. Also as a graduate, you can join the millions of Americans making a living through freelancing by joining any of the gig platforms and choose from thousands of jobs for English majors that don’t require any experience. Being a freelance writer will give you the opportunity to choose the type of assignments and how long you need to complete them. Of course, how much time you put in determines how much money you earn. It’s difficult to establish a definite amount as salary for freelance writers, but on the average, freelancers with five years of experience earn roughly $40,000 a year working for around 40 hours a week.

Editorial assistant

jobs for literature majors

Editorial assistant is the most common editorial job for those with careers in literature. The position will expose you to many areas in the publishing industry. They work directly under specific editors and the position is both administrative and editorial. You may be required to oversee freelancer writers and occasionally required to do basic proofreading on submitted articles before they get to the editors. You’ll gain a lot of experience as an editorial assistant; from reading manuscripts and articles to communicating with writers and editing their work. On average, editorial assistants are paid $35,000 a year.

Announcer or News Reporter

news reporter jobs for literature majors

You must be a public speaker before considering becoming an announcer – one of the most common entry-level jobs for English majors. They primarily work with a radio or other media firms that deliver information to listeners through a channel. Depending on the job description, an announcer can provide commentary or interview guests on specific issues. Though announcers mainly speak, they also help in writing clear, engaging, and effective scripts. The only sad news is that this job is declining. Between 2014 and 2024, the profession is estimated to drop by 11 percent, according to BLS data. However, the most important aspect of this entry-level job for English graduates is the experience and opportunity it offers, not necessarily the salary. On the average announcers at the entry-level are paid $30,000 a year. Also in this category of entry-level jobs for literature majors is a News Reporter which pays relatively the same amount or a little more.

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