Human Resources Management is an ever-evolving aspect of business and is necessary for all the companies. HR professionals need to stay updated with all the legal and technological developments in their fields. Also, they need to brush up their marketing and talent management skills on a regular basis. Thanks to all the HR bloggers that help HR managers to stay on top of all the developments in their fields.

Here is a list of HR Bloggers & HR Blogs that every HR Manager should follow:

The HR Capitalist – Kris Dunn

This blog tries to revamp the HR, trying to move it from a dinosaur age to a modern workplace with up-to-date trends and technologies. Kris Dunn who is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Kinetix and former Vice President of People for DAXKO runs this HR blog, along with another blog named Fistful of Talent. His blogs are most popular and run with a goal to build a community that he could learn from.

The HR Bartender – Sharlyn Lauby

The HR Bartender was started with the goal to create a place where people can discuss their workplace issues by Sharlyn Lauby who has turned from an HR pro to a consultant. The blog not only contains a dose of personal advice, but it also includes some real-life HR information. As Lauby is a foodie, expect to read about her breakfast, lunch and dinner on the blog.


This blog is run by various HR bloggers and is the top socially-shared HR blog on the Internet. It has got more than 50,000 shares on social media sites. TLNT deals with topics including legal needs, recruitment, benefits, management training, technology and many such topics. It is a blog that discusses “the business of HR”. It addresses all the aspects of HR that you could possibly think of.

Steve Boese’s HR Technology – Steve Boese

This is the best resource for knowing all the up-and-coming HR technologies. Steve Boese is part of the product strategy team at Oracle and has been an HR expert for over 15 years. His blog is not only the official publication point of the HR Happy Hour Podcast, it is also really funny.

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