Top Organizational Skills Employers Seek

Understanding the skills that employers want most will always offer you a better opportunity as a job seeker. Because, as you are dreaming to land the job, the employer is also dreaming to recruit the best candidate with top organizational skills. It’s not enough to know the organizational skills at work but having most of them is a big credit and places you at the top of the recruitment list.

While some job requirements include software knowledge, business routine, language proficiency, typing speed, etc. – these can be acquired in job training, but the “soft skills” cannot be taught, though one can improve on them while serving the employer.

Organizational Skills Employers Seek

Aside from profession, the top organizational skills are fundamental in any campaign for productivity. And they serve as the requisite in any recruitment process. Here is the list of organizational skills that would put every job seeker first in any recruitment process.

Strong communication skill

There is no doubt about how fast you can complete the job required. Being the most skilled in your profession without a good communication skill takes away the efficacy of your profession. Every organization work as a team and what drives the team aside from their individual contribution is how effective they can communicate. Strong communication provides a sanity balance in every team, and that’s what every organization desire to have.


This should be referred to as a choice because we obviously make time for the things we deem important. Punctuality is to do the things you are supposed to do at the right time such as being at the office in time regardless of your commute, being on your seat or on a conference call before meetings and saving any potential lapses of lag in information.


Regardless of your job description, every employee must have to work with others regularly. You must be ready to share ideas, collaborate, and brainstorm with others for a permanent solution to challenges. Employees not ready to accept other ideas or contributions are always a problem in any organization, and no one wants to employ such persons.


Employers do not believe they must provide a solution to every problem. Why did they have to hire you? Recruiting individuals who can find and fix problems is every employer’s priority. As one of the required organizational skills at work, analytical thinking has been introduced in school curricula lately to enhance its development.

Computer Skills

According to a report by Microsoft IT Academy Program, over 70% of jobs in 2020 are expected to require some form of IT skills. And today, it’s difficult to find a job that does not require basic computer skills such as opening a document, browsing or email. Though this is likely not going to be a problem for many, it’s important to be good, if not the best.


You can see this skill as the first among the top organizational skills. It leads to transparency and productivity – the main quality that every employer wants. In as much as you are required to work with others, organization is the key for others to understand what you are doing easily. Organization also means you are frequent at meetings, present reports with clear formats and your ability to handle multiple projects at once.

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