Top Paying Jobs in Data Science

Companies and organization deal with data every day; they have a massive quantity of data which help them to take decisions and carry out the regular work. But to handle and manage all those data, they need workers who are skilled in data science. This is where the jobs of data science come in.

Organizations regularly look for data science specialists and professionals who are adept in various streams of data science to manage the enormous data field. Some of the high paying IT jobs in the field of data science include –

Top Jobs in Data Science

high paying jobs in data science

jobs in data science

Jobs in Data Science

Data Engineer

A data engineer analyses vast amounts of data and transforms it so that they can be used for valuable insights by the executive and officials of the organization. The data engineer also procures, create reports as well as studies the data that is flowing in and out from the company. Another primary responsibility is to provide feedback and inputs into the hardware, software as well as data infrastructure to streamline the information. The average salary (US) for this professional is $95,000.

Data Architect

A data architect professional assists a team in designing and maintaining the data and its structure. They also develop and strategizes the efficiency models and makes improvements in design to update data. This is usually an executive position with the professionals in this category having to report to board members. The average salary (US) for this professional is $100,000.

Data Warehouse Manager

Data is stored in a massive facility in leading organizations. A data warehouse manager work is to manage and handle that storehouse or warehouse facility securely where information is stored. They have to efficiently and very safely ensure the information is intact to bring the optimum efficiency to the organization. This professional needs to work in coordination with the maintenance of IT personnel and security teams to ensure the safeguard of the data. The average salary (US) for this professional is $179,000.

Database Manager

A database manager maintains the databases and fixes issues that occur in the database. They are also responsible for managing the hardware of the database, while ensuring that the databases are improved, modern and compatible with advanced software forms. The average salary (US) for this professional is $116,000.

Data Scientist

The data scientist is one of the topnotch positions in the data science field. The professional has to develop innovative algorithms which are efficient in various modelling systems. This leads to new data prototypes and new data analytical methods. The data scientist creates the algorithms with the help of analytical, statistical as well as programming skills. The professionals in data scientists have the expertise and developed ability in the field of statistics, machine learning, thorough coding languages, databases, efficient machine learning, as well as reporting technologies. The average salary (US) for this professional is $119,000.

Data Modeller

This person requires mastery in the field of data science. It is because the person has to deal with vast amounts of data regularly to convert them to valuable insights for the organization. The average salary (US) for this professional is $155,000.

Database Developer

This professional is engaged in upgrading the database processes as well as modernizing the business database infrastructure to improve coding techniques of the organization. The person also will be required to troubleshoot different databases and fix problems as well as debugging systems. The average salary (US) for this professional is $145,000.

Database Administrator

The database administrator is responsible for optimizing the organization’s database and getting it to its peak performance. The person also manages the database and safeguard it is from the regular wear and tear, high traffic hangups as well as data corruption. The database administrator works in tandem with the IT and the security team. The average salary (US) for this professional is $140,000

Business Analyst

A business analyst utilizes their to guide the organizations for improving and upgrading its products as wells services. They analyze and study the business needs as well as requirements and bring in the required changes to the organization. The average salary (US) for this professional is $65,000.

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