Top Reads of the Week to keep you updated with HR Trends

Weekend is here, and it’s time to sum up everything that you missed during the weekdays. So, here is top reads of the week that would keep you updated with HR trends starting from HR success stories to employee benefits and from interview strategies to workplace culture, all of that at one place. So, let’s get started.

HR Trends of the Week

Rolls-Royce HR Practices that made it more than a British Car Manufacturer

There is no doubt that Rolls-Royce is one of the best car manufacturers in the world. The British manufacturer has not limited itself to cars though; it has gained a reputation for jet engines, ship propellers, and gas turbines among other products that they manufacture. What has made this company a leader in its market segment is not only its quality and innovation but also its HR practices. The luxury car manufacturer was founded by Charles Stuart Rolls and Henry Royce in 1904. On one hand, Royce came up with the idea to start a car making business, while on the other hand, Rolls was excited with the idea of persuading his interest of flying by making aircraft engines. Rolls-Royce HR initiatives in which they set values and principles for the company have made it a great place to work. These values are still considered as the standards of excellence for all the employee of Rolls-Royce as well are considered as a benchmark for HR trends.


What comes to your mind when you think of a perfect resume? Maybe the pink scented resume that Elle Woods presents to Professor Callahan from Legally Blonde. While that might feel like a perfect resume, the scent, and the pink paper, but only in the Hollywood fantasies. Such a resume in the real world will be direct thrown to trash or would be hanged on the “Wall of Shame”. So, how about drafting a perfect resume without the pink paper and the sparkle pens? An amazing resume not only demands great accomplishments and experience along your career path, it also requires an appealing format and the way in which information is presented. You should be aware of the fact that hiring managers go through hundreds of resume in a day, so your resume should be such that it grabs hiring managers’ attention and is not dumped in the “trash” pile. Here’s your guide.

Bringing an End to Your Unhealthy Eating Habits at Work

When you are stuck at your office for most of your day, it is obvious that you would require some fuel to get going. But, for more than 60% of the American employees, adding more and fuel (food) has resulted in weight gain. The most important reason behind this being unhealthy eating habits at work. You might have used some of the most common excuses to consume some of the unhealthiest food. And a study shows that people are more likely to consume junk food when they are away from home. So here are some unhealthy eating habits that you might have along with their solution.

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