Top Reads of the Week on Leadership as well as Workplace Strategies

A lot of things to read, it’s hard to pick the best ones on each HR topic. So, we are here with top reads of this week on leadership, workplace culture, as well as some advice for your job search or career advancement.


Let’s get going with the top reads of the week:


You can try as hard as you want to avoid being attached to the stereotype of ‘person working in coffee shop’, it’s hard to evade. Coffee shops are known for boosting productivity, especially if you are a freelancer or frequently work from home. A lot of people work at coffee houses, not because they want to be seen as workaholics, but because coffee shops bring the best out of them, making them more productive and creative.

Different people have different takes on why coffee shops boost productivity; here are our versions for each reason.


Everyone is aware what role competence plays in workplace success and in career growth. But, we often forget the importance of confidence. There are plenty of examples of people who are very good at their work and possess all the leadership skills to advance their career, but they lack confidence.

If you are one of those people who are good at leading and do an excellent job but are somehow lagging due to lack of confidence? Here is your guide to boost confidence at work. You don’t require any major personality overhaul to increase your confidence, all you need is to take smaller steps that will diminish your self-doubt and make you more self-confident.

Need some help in your job hunting? Here are LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers

It is hard to believe that LinkedIn attracted as few as 20 signups a day when it was first launched in 2003. Today you visit the site and it feels like diving into a sea of names, job positions, summaries, and status updates. A lot of passive candidates ignore LinkedIn, as they are content with their current job. But as soon as they turn from passive to active candidates, they will surf the web to find some LinkedIn profile tips, so as to make their profile as one of the most creative ones.

It is not at all recommended to stay away from LinkedIn when you are happy with your current job, as you may miss a lot of opportunities. Here are some LinkedIn profile tips to stand out when there are plenty of fishes in the sea.

Stuck At Work On Independence Day? Here Are Some July 4th Office Party Ideas

July 4th is assigned as a federal holiday, but if you don’t work in a school or for the government, you might be spending the day at work. Don’t worry, if you are stuck at work on July 4th, you can celebrate it at your office with your co-workers.

I know you won’t be as much as fun at the office as you would with your friends and family. But you still deserve to celebrate the day that framed our country. Here are some July 4th office party ideas that might bring you in a patriotic mood and enjoy the holiday even when you are stuck at work.

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