Top Reads of the Week on Strategies and Followership

This week, it’s not all about leadership. This time, we have focused on how adopting the right strategies at your workplace and having a grip on followership is what you may require to proceed in your career.

top reads 23.07.2016

You May Be A Great Leader, But Are You A Good Follower?

If you surf the internet, you’ll come across tons of guides on how to be a great leader, but have you came across a guide that teaches you how to be a good follower? Probably not.

From the very beginning of our lives, let alone your career, we are always encouraged to be an amazing leader. But whom to lead? There must be something to do with followership, right? Our minds have always seen being a follower as something insignificant. But why? Even if you are a C-suite executive today, you’ve done more of “following” than “leading” if you take your whole career path into account.

The thing with us is that we are okay with following, but only if that takes us to some leadership role in the future. We consider followership as a journey that will take us to our destination – leadership. We fail to consider that followership is the flip side of leadership. A leader can become successful only if his/her team members/followers are good enough to implement his/her instructions.

A good follower is active, conscious, and is constantly trying to make his/her leader more powerful and efficient. We often forget to give credit to all those followers who have contributed significantly to their leader’s success. To demonstrate the power of followership, let us have a look at great leader-follower pairs in the history starting from Steve Jobs and Read More…

5 Benefits Of Working At A Startup

You just recently graduated from your college, and are already offered some great jobs, sounds like a dream right? But, that may be the case for you if you are bright (and lucky) enough. But, the thing is, you are offered two positions, one is a reputed corporate company and another is at a startup, which one would you pick? I can hear you say the big corporate company! But, before you blindly pick the big fat company, are you overlooking the benefits of working at a startup? Here are some ways in which you can benefit from working at a startup. Read more…

3 Steps To Managing A Team From Home

Those days in which all of your team members would gather at a place to discuss your team goals are long gone. It’s not longer required for all team members to be at the same place at the same time in order to collaborate for any of their projects, not anymore. We are already heading 2017, when desk space is getting lesser and internet accessibility and functionalities are getting wider. In such situation, working from home seems like the best alternative, you can have flexible work hours, you can spare more family time, and you can work in your jammies! It all seems so good when you are just supposed to follow your boss’ instruction but just from a different location. But what if you are the boss and are supposed to manage a team while you work from home? Read More…

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