Top Reads Of The Week: Things To Do Before Leaving the Office For A Vacation or Forever

You might be too excited when you are leaving the office, whether you are going for a vacation or are simply leaving the job to find a new one. But, with all the excitement, don’t forget about the things that you need to do before leaving work. leaving the office


So, your manager granted you the time off, and now you are ready to hit the road. But, before you get in the vacation mood, you need to do a bunch of things at work so that you don’t return to a pile of pending work and overflowing emails. You need to keep track of all the tasks and assignments that might come up when you are gone and need to find someone who can cover your work. So, it is advisable to prepare in advance for all the work before going on a vacation. Here’s a virtual calendar that you need to follow at work before going on a vacation:

Before a month or two

Let your boss know about your vacation plans, at least two months prior to the trip. Thus, he can get a better idea about the projects and assignments that might be scheduled for that duration.

Two weeks before leaving

Notify your co-workers or subordinates about your trip. You can do so via email or through the phone. Here’s a great post on out of office email message examples.

A Week before leaving

Make a to-do list that needs to be checked off before you leave the office for a vacation. Mention all the tasks and deadlines that may pop up when you are gone.

A day before leaving

Finally, on the last day Read More…

A List of Things to do Before Leaving a Job

I’m sure you might be tempted to turn into a short-timer during your two weeks’ notice. But, let me get this straight, doing that won’t help you in any manner. I know you badly want to leave that place and never come back, but that’s not the wise thing to do. Here are some important things to do before leaving a job:

  • Pen down all the reasons that have made you decide to quit. More often than not, we rush into such decisions, only to regret them later. If you are quitting just because you have problems with your boss or are facing workplace issues, you need to rethink your decision. Make sure you are quitting for a solid reason.
  • Try to make the transition process as smooth as possible. Plan it in advance.
  • If you are suffering from job burnout and want to take a career break, consider taking sabbatical leave instead. A lot of companies offer sabbatical leave to its employees to help them deal with job burnout.
  • Gather all the documents that you might require in future. Save all those documents at a place that would be accessible to you even after leaving the office. Email such documents and your performance review, to show them as a proof to your future employer.
  • Check if you are eligible for Read More…
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