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top reads 16.07.2016

How To Play Pokémon Go At Work Without Getting Fired

HR division could get a few cerebral pains in coming days if not weeks, as individuals have begun playing Pokémon Go at work. I swear I’m not kidding.

If you don’t already know what the fuss is all about, here it is: Pokémon Go is a fresh out of the box amusement that was dispatched on 6th of July. This new game has spurred a lot of individuals to head to their surroundings with their smartphone in order to hunt different virtual characters of Pokémon.

In case you are addicted to the game, and cannot whipping your phone out in front of your boss in order to play Pokémon Go at work, here are our tips which might help you in finding rarest of the Pokémon at work so that you can catch ‘em all:

  • Attempt to ignore any Pokémon that you find on or close to your boss, unless you both have a shared comprehension about catching those characters at work.
  • Go out for lunch with your colleagues if they too are crazy about this game, which is powered by augmented reality. You can spend your break hours catching those characters.READ MORE…

How To Eliminate Office Drama

Trash-talking friends, free-flowing gossip, exclusive cliques, rumor mill, and popularity contests, all of this sounds like high school, right? The bigger and scarier question is if it sounds like your office? Office drama is the new normal, it is seen everywhere in the workplace, whether it is a small business or a multi-national company.

No matter how hard you try to be mature and try to maintain professional relationships with your colleagues, you won’t be able to avoid the drama in the workplace. To be honest, offices are as drama-filled as high school, or sometimes even more than that. The only difference between the two is that high school drama was harmless while office drama can badly affect your work as well as your career.

Even if you try and run away from office politics and drama, they will chase you and make you the subject of gossips and rumors that are spread around the office.

Here are some ways in which you can avoid being part of the office drama:

Never assume someone’s intent as negative

There are two ways of looking at anything. If you will focus on the negative sides, you would always come across negative things. Let me elaborate: Suppose you have a co-worker named John, who was supposed to help you meet a deadline, but he didn’t. Now, you can look at him with disgust, thinking that he is a liar and ditched you at the last moment. Or, on the other hand, you can think that it might have slipped his mind and that you need to remind him so that you meet your deadline within the given time frame. Thinking that your colleagues and boss have a positive intent whenever they are suggesting you something, will automatically save everyone from the drama. READ MORE…

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