The Top Ten: World’s Best Employers of 2017

What makes a company a great place to work? A great company culture, an inspiring leader, conscientious colleagues, a generous compensation and enough parking space for everyone. The answer could be anything and everything; after all, it’s a relative answer.

This year, Statista and Forbes teamed up to compile a list of ‘world’s best employers of 2017.’ As expected, Google-parent company Alphabet, Inc. came top with a perfect score of 100, with employees citing the company’s image, working conditions and diversity.

World’s Best Employers of 2017

Alphabet, Inc., as well as Microsoft Corporation at second place, and Japan Exchange Group at third place, was ranked high for its outstanding attractiveness for employees.

Sure, Alphabet has a lot of bells and whistles now expected of the best employer in the world: on-site wellness and healthcare services, great health insurance, education subsidies and tuition reimbursement, gourmet cafeterias, impermeable nap pods, free haircuts, free dry cleaning, and so much more to keep Googlers happy. Let’s not forget, because it is one of the biggest and most innovative companies of the 21st century, Googlers also get the opportunity to collaborate with some of the smartest minds in the world.

World's Best Employers

A lot has changed at second-place Microsoft ever since Satya Nadella took over as chief executive at the start of 2014. Its employees have been on a roller coaster with multiple layoffs, including 18,000 job cuts in 2014, and thousands in the following years. In addition to great salary and benefits, Microsoft employees also love the opportunity to work with great people in the business, the on-site campus health screenings and flu shots, family leave plans, social clubs, electric car charging stations, sports fields, on-campus retail shops, and flexibility.

Third-placed Japan Exchange Group is rated highly by its employees due to its strong commitment to training and flexible working. In addition, it also offers annual tuition fees of up to $2,700 for each employee to study for a qualification. Japan Exchange Group also takes extra steps to make some of its perks a little more meaningful. For instance, 100% of its female employees return to work after maternity leave, all thanks to the company offering childcare and flexible working hours.

It is closely followed by Apple, Inc. in the fourth place and Noble Energy in the fifth place.

See the full World’s Best Employers of 2017 here.

Statista World's Best Employers of 2017

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Suppose you want to create a great place to work for. What would it be like? Is it a company where individuals are nurtured? Is it a company that adds value to the employees’ lives, both professionally and personally? Is it a company where work is intrinsically rewarding?

Please leave your thoughts in a comment below.

Statista analyzed more than 360,000 recommendations for a listed company as an employer. Employees were asked to rate their own employer internally as well as say how likely they would be to recommend other employers in industries they are familiar with.

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