Toxic Words That Can Ruin Your Career

Expanding and sharpening your job interview skills are very important. Of course, interviews can be nerve-racking at times, especially when you’re vying for that job. It’s the time when you’re busy in the throes of rehearsing answers, selecting interview outfits, and printing out résumés. Job interviews are really difficult, if you are lucky enough, you’ll nail it. It’s important to realize that there are certain things you must avoid from presenting in front of the interviewers. Sure, you might be doing a few things unintentionally, but it can come out as red flags for interviewers.

To begin with, always remember that words and phrases that you use in an interview are very important. You should guard your mouth and avoid using a few toxic words in a job interview. Why? The answer is they have the potential to ruin your career. You might feel cool using common terms you use in your daily routine. But you never know what impression it can project in front of the interviewers. So, instead of ruining your career by using toxic words in a job interview, you must keep a tab on your language. Below are a few words to avoid in an interview at any cost. Read, understand and learn why these words can become one of the major red flags for an interviewer.

Stop Using These Toxic Words In a Job Interview Already!

Toxic Words in A Job Interview


Avoid this at all cost. Never start your answer with “HONESTLY”, especially during in an interview. Be honest, but don’t show it by using this word. It’s a red flag! Using “Honestly” in the beginning won’t project your honesty at all. As a matter of fact, it can end up with four potential outcomes.

  • Interviewers won’t pay attention to your thoughts.
  • They can overlook your point.
  • Interviewers might think you’re trying to cover up insincerity.
  • Your interviewers might think you’re lying whenever you speak.

DO NOT USE this word EVER during your job interview. Find another word for describing that you do not care about a certain outcome. Using “Whatever” will simply piss your interviewers. They will consider you extremely rude, which you certainly do not wish to let it happen.


Ban this word already! In a survey conducted in 2012, it was found that “AMAZING” is one of the most annoying words for the interviewers. In fact, a majority of people voted for it to be banned. Replace this word with noteworthy, interesting, nice, or good. The word amazing means something that offers a great wonder or surprise. So unless you’ve achieved something really worth “Amazing”, stop using this word.


These words will kill your impression in front of your interviewers. In other words, these words can show your uncertainty and lack of confidence. If you want to think before answering then you should take a silent pause and then answer. It’s much better rather than using these words.

Don’t bother whether the interviewer is conscious of these or not. In fact, by avoiding these words you’re increasing the probability of being hired. And we haven’t included racial slurs, blunt phrases, vulgar slangs, and curse words in the list. Obviously, you are not going to use any of them if you want the job. So, if you’ve been shortlisted for an interview, Congratulations! Do not forget to keep these points in your mind before heading for the interview.

Diana Coker
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