Traditional, Entrepreneurial and Serious – This is Generation Z

If companies are assuming that they have seen it all working with the millennial workforce, be warned as millennials were just the first wave. A huge surge in the workforce is on its way in the form of Generation Z workers. Employers, get ready to step up your game as these individuals will accept and deliver nothing but the best. While the millennials are those born between the years 1980 to 1995, Generation Z is the group of individuals born after 1995 through early 2000’s. This generation represents a strong clan of almost 23 million Americans.

The oldest born of Generation Z members have already entered the workforce and millennials are aging towards management roles. By the end of this decade, the first group of Gen Z members will have entered the workforce. If nothing, the demographic age of workforce culture is going to change in many ways with the entry of this new generation. A worldwide study of around 2,000 GenY’s and GenZ’s conducted by Randstad US across 10 countries state that employers having a grip on GenZ’s preferences are going to have advantages in hiring this workforce.

Old Tradition is New again for Generation Z

generation z workforce

If you think that this new generation which goes gaga over technology like Facebook and Snapchat, will prefer digital communication, it’s time to rethink. A major 51 percent of Generation Z workers prefer a personal i.e. one-on-one type of communication with their superiors and bosses compared to 16 percent preferring e-mails, and 11 percent preferring instant messaging.

This workforce believes that a more personal and effective method of communication is the traditional method. Being a part of meeting, discussions, and projects makes them feel more accepted than just a simple e-mail or text.

Entrepreneurship on GenZ’s Mind

According to Randstad’s study; 17 percent GenZ’s in comparison to 11 percent GenY’s want to have a business of their own. With an early access to internet, the new generation has a full-fledged network of contacts; they may not even find it hard to look out for necessary resources. These individuals have ocean-deep levels of information at a mere age of 16-years thanks to the ever-expanding internet sea. Where Generation Y people could not even decide a definite career at 16; GenZ’s are having their own innovative start-up’s by the same age.

Seriously Folks, they are Not Just Kids

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Downloading an online-show from Netflix, uploading pictures on Instagram, Live-streaming on Facebook and completing that project by deadlines; this is what these so-called ‘kids’ are capable of. Born and brought up in a pool of technological advancements and a storm of the ‘Internet Era’, they can multi-task like pros. Juggling with different responsibilities is no rocket-science for them.

Not just being the talented multi-taskers that they are, Generation Z’s are also filled with creative ideas. They believe in ideas, diversities, and contributions. They can bring innovative and creative ideas to the table which not even the experienced players can think of.

Gone are the days of waiting to get promoted with age and experience. For one thing they don’t want to be patient is progress and achievements. A major 61 percent of Gen Z workers want their managers to take them seriously, listen to their ideas, and also value their opinions; according to the Randstad study as reported by the Entrepreneur. They may just be starting their careers, but these strong-heads know exactly what they want.

These kids are no more just kids. Employers, think it’s time to get serious about your new workforce?

Anna Verasai
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